Image Problems Changing From Journalist To Vigilance

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    Hello there:

    I am considering changing from The Journalist v1.9 to the Vigilance Theme. Howver, when I preview the look of my site with the Vigilance Theme, previous images uploaded with The Journalist are overlapping the Vigilance sidebar.

    I checked the FAQ and it seems that WordPress does not automativally resize images from theme to theme. I wanted to make sure this is correct or if there is a workaround, short of resizing all of my images.

    Thanks so much for your assistance.


    The blog I need help with is


    Sorry – I meant “automatically”.



    Some browsers, such as FF, resize on the fly. WP does not.

    You can used the advanced photo editing to reduce to a certain percentage, but it will have to be done individually.


    Oh dear, thank you Ella for your quick response. Will take this into consideration.



    You’re welcome. Auto resize doesn’t even happen with self-hosted blogs. That’s not what themes are designed to do.


    Oh, I see. I guess this is the first time I encountered this problem. I have changed themes before, but the images resized properly.



    They may have fit or your browser resized them. If themes auto-resized we wouldn’t have people here every day wondering why their sidebars are at the bottom.


    haha How true Ella!

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