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Image Quality Problem

  1. I can't seem to figure out why in this post the images look pixelated and generally crappy:

    when they are sized EXACTLY the same as the image in this post:

    help please??!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm not seeing what you're describing. But on both posts the images are slightly duller than the originals, because images downsized by WP lose some color and sharpness. For best quality on the post, you should use an image editing application to downsize copies of your images to the right pixel width for the theme you're using, then upload and insert those copies (selecting the "full size" option). For Manifest, right width is 500px maximum.

    See here as well:

  3. I should have prefaced this by noting that I'm a professional photographer so am quite proficient with file sizing/resizing/photo editing, etc., so, I'm using Photoshop to edit /resize my images.

    Also, like I said, the images in BOTH posts are sized EXACTLY the same, so why are the images in the first post not as sharp as the second (and, to be clear, the image in the post does not look like it does in Photoshop or even in a screen grab).

    So... anyone else have any ideas as to why the images in the first post are losing quality?? I'm at my wit's end!

  4. a) The originals are not "exactly the same": the upper umbrella image is 778x1200, the lower one is 767x1200, the one in the other post is 800x1200.

    b) You may be proficient with Photoshop but you're not proficient with WP blogging. When you insert an image that is wider than the main column of the theme you're using, the theme automatically downsizes the displayed version to make it fit. Like I said (and like I demonstrate in the post I linked to), images downsized by WP lose quality; how much they will deteriorate depends on the particular image as well as the size of the original in relation to the size of the downsized displayed version. Like I said, if you want best quality on the post you need to downsize the images to 500px wide prior to uploading.

  5. a) okay they are very similar. so... do 11 pixels in the width create this problem?

    b) true that i'm not very proficient in posting in this blog or I wouldn't be asking these questions. But, I have also tried to size them max width 500 and I am getting the same problem. Now what?

  6. "But, I have also tried to size them max width 500".
    Where did you try that? In Photoshop you don't size them max anything, you size them at a specific pixel width or height.

  7. yes. i mean i made the width 500 pixels wide.


  9. There's nothing else to be done: you need to downsize the images to 500px wide, then upload and insert those versions in place of the previous ones. Make sure you clear your browser's cache and cookies afterwards, and that you're viewing the post without having zoomed in in your browser. What browser and version are you using?

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