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Image Resize

  1. I still can't seem to change the sizes of photos by using the "scale photo" tool. Nothing changes, and if I try to resize the photo by clicking on the actual photo and dragging the cursor, I end up with two sizes of the photo weirdly juxtaposed on top of each other. Using the "undo" button doesn't seem to work after this happens either - I have to delete the photo entirely and start over.

  2. Why has WordPress taken away the "border" input box in the image edit screen? I have been a WP blogger since 2007 and always put a "0" in the border box so my linked images would not have an ugly blue link border around them.

    The link border around images distracts and is aesthetically displeasing. I've never used a border around my linked images. I've now learned that all linked images MUST have a border. Even going into the HTML edit and placing border="0" code doesn't work.

    I want to know the reasoning behind this change. Please bring back the border input box!

  3. OK, I can remove the border with style="border:0" placed into the img src HTML code.

    Still, it was a helluva lot easier just to go to the "advanced" image edit tab and type a zero in the "border" box. Why take that simplicity away? You're forcing your bloggers to waste time. And we're not happy about that.

    And while seeing the scale of images in the "visual" screen itself is a nice change, it's moot, because the view changes once you "preview" your blog. According to your theme and width of your blog, you usually have to fiddle with image size anyway, because the text breaks differently on the blog itself than in the "visual" screen. Using percentage scaling was a clever, quick and effective to fix an image so the image vs. text looked best on your theme. Now you size within the "visual" screen and you still have to keep going back to preview to see how it REALLY looks.

  4. Balsamean

    This IS the beta release. It is a beta of v. 3.9, which has a "final" release date scheduled for mid-April. Scroll back to one of my earlier messages where I pointed to the official WP links about it.

    Good point. I’d read all the previous messages but the penny didn’t quite drop. I was a systems developer before I retired and I have never heard of a beta being deliberately released to production to see whether it worked or not.

  5. Grace

    We heard back from our developers and we have been informed that border, margin, and %-based resizing controls will not be returning as of right now.

    What does this mean?
    • How long does right now last?
    • Will they return in due course?
    • Is this a priority of the developers or do they not see it as important?

  6. The simple way to implement percentage resizing would be to add another text box under Edit Image/ Scale Image.

    Currently there are two text boxes for the dimensions. Change one and the interface changes the other. With the addition of a percentage resizing text box, changing any of the three would change the other two. Just a minor change in the interface, I would think.

    That's still much more indirect than the old method but at least the functionality would be there.

  7. @gracejiyoung

    'Our developers have informed me that border, margin, and %-based resizing controls will not be returning as of right now.'

    Basically what they're saying to us is piss off (aka just go away, only not so polite)… or am I wrong? And what on earth does 'as of right now' mean?

    I know you're trying to be helpful to us, but the developers really are not helping you, are they?

  8. Suggestion #1:
    Just restore the image size tooltip, keep all the other useless changes, and I'll pretend nothing ever happened.

  9. davidalockwood

    Someone must have made these changes and thought it a brilliant idea.....
    One would think that they would have the courage of their convictions and justify their actions. I don't think this was expected, especially looking at some of the gushing compliments from another section of the WP community on the News page.

  10. bharatabharati

    The old image editor was superior to the new one because it allowed valued options like

    1. A link added to the image could be opened in a new tab
    2. The title line identifying the image could be read with a mouse-over. Now the image cannot be identified unless a caption is added. The mouse-over facility was really valued and made WP images unique. It is sorely missed.
    3. A text article could have many uniform-sized images added because of the image pixel counter. No pixel counter in new editor and images have to be sized by sight. This does not allow alignment of the bottom of the image with text.

    Yes, the old editor was a bit clumsy because it had to be opened to get at some options. But a new image editor could have all the old options listed up front in one place and still have the drag and drop feature.

  11. Hi Murray,

    I was a systems developer before I retired and I have never heard of a beta being deliberately released to production to see whether it worked or not.

    Yep. Lots of us spent lifetimes in relevant careers before they changed beta to mean "the free beta-level-as-of-right-now version, generating revenue from ads inserted into the beta users' product."

    It's brilliant, really. We're the dumbbells. We didn't come up with it. Although, even if we were low enough to use people as unwitting beta dupes, we wouldn't dump an alpha on them like this AND downgrade the product they've come to rely on. Sorta bait-and-switchy, ain't it?

    I'm hanging my hat on the super-deluxe visual editor and image library manager in upgrades coming soon at cost, like the editor and Moxie Manager you can see in the interactive examples at (where I noted with interest that the More Colors feature is gone, as of right now, but there's already an upgrade available for that).

    I'd bet that lots of ignorant dimwits like me would pay a nice fee to be guaranteed that we'd never have to use a beta, that we'd always be kept on a stable release, and still accept ads! That's how smart WE are. (I doubt that would be practical for them, or profitable.) Until we learned that it wouldn't prevent downgrades.

    Here in freeworld, even "paying customers" are not paying for a stable release or downgrade protection. They're paying for options ("upgrades") on top of a beta.

    Go Premium -- The last upgrade your blog will need [as of right now]. Get Premium for just $99 per year. And be a really clever beta tester.

    Better still, dummy, build your professional business e-commerce operation on a beta! Go Business for $299 per year. "Hassle-free eCommerce," it says. Hey, blowing up your system of deploying images, cancelling your convenient access to the full range of text color options, and going back to being an HTML web author is not a "hassle," (it's an "improvement") in an environment where the published or previewed product is not reliably what you painstakingly designed. That is, make money slower on your site.

    In the descriptions for these plans, there is nothing saying you're assured of a stable release.

    It just gets more fun the more you look at it. As part of selling you the Business Plan, they have three examples shown on the page, as of right now. One of them is "IBM JOBS," the blog of (a spawn of

    Click it and ("as of right now") it goes to La Vie au Zoo, a wonderful name and a beautiful site -- but don't go there on an empty stomach. Some of the theme names are fun, too. This one is on "Imbalance 2."

    Gotta love it and and find the humor in it, because editing images isn't fun anymore.

  12. (I doubt that would be practical for them, or profitable.)

    i.e., relative to what they are getting from the beta approach.

  13. Click it and ("as of right now") it goes to La Vie au Zoo

    That got fixed fast.

  14. Oh, sorry. It did not get fixed. Click the image and it goes to IBM. Click the flag/tab on the image, and it goes to, La Vie au Zoo.

  15. chunkeemonkeeato111

    I'm not sure if this question has been answered already. So it appears the % system is not coming back which is a bummer but in the Visual editor version we used to see the height and width pixel numbers. It would be really helpful if that could come back as I do not save my images in the WordPress media library. It's really difficult to keep switching back and forth between Visual and Text mode to see what the size is. Is it coming back?

  16. Your "improvements" improved nothing. They just make everything more complex and, ultimately, useless. Please return to us the freedom to size and hover caption pictures.

  17. smallhousebiggarden

    @balsamean and @varewulf: I FINALLY got a tooltip to work using the text editor. Phew!
    I haven't finished the post yet, but see the tooltip there when I hover via "preview." Hopefully when I hit "publish" they're actually preserved and appear in the final product!
    (Such a cumbersome, annoying process, and I'm so disheartened to learn they're not giving us back an easy way to border our pics!. )

  18. Hi guys,
    after the latest changes, when I link an image hosted somewhere else, the auto-resize function does not seem to work. Moreover if I add a caption, it gets lost when I publish the post.
    Do you have any hint to fix the situation?

    By the way, I don't have any form of editor to crop / resize /flip the image taken from different URLs.

    At this stage, WP would become totally useless :(

    Thanks in advance.

  19. smallhousebiggarden - @balsamean and @varewulf: I FINALLY got a tooltip to work using the text editor. Phew!

    Don't tell WP how you did it or they will find a way to stop you doing it!

  20. hi gracejiyoung,
    i have problems with new system wordpress because i can't put no more the images in most largest size, like this:
    can you tell me if there in any way to do it?
    thanks, mauro
    [email redacted]

  21. For those who've been following this Image Resize Fiasco, apparently NextDraft's Dave Pell hasn't got the memo (or did he?). Here's what he wrote today on his newsletter: 'I'd like to take a moment and thank my sponsor and underwriter, the fine folks at Automattic (runners of WordPress dot com, hosts of the fantastic WordPressVIP, and makers of several other excellent products -- including my synchronized note-taking app of choice: SimpleNote). They didn't ask me to thank them. Amazingly, they never ask anything of me. But they support NextDraft and keep it coming to you for free. I can't thank them enough.' Just a coincidence or is this battle being fought now on the PR front too?

  22. They didn't ask me to thank them. Amazingly, they never ask anything of me.

    says Dave Pell.

    I say, "They didn't ask me if I wanted them to change the editor. They didn't ask anyone. And, amazingly, they never do."

  23. Oh, silly me. I forgot that THEY know what's best for us, because

    We are always looking to make the experience at better and better for our users - we never want to be complacent. With that, some features will stay, some will go and new ones will be added.

    Yes, our noble leaders have us covered. With what is uncertain, but they "know change can be difficult and it takes time to adapt to new features."

  24. smallhousebiggarden

    Sick as this is, I actually look forward to reading this thread...which means it will probably be shut down later today! ;)

  25. @smallhousebiggarden

    Hah! Thought it was just me...

  26. Hello dev team

    Please bring back the advanced image settings. I hope you don't dare to bring them back for 5$/month!

  27. @maurosantini-

    Hi there,

    I have messaged you privately regarding this matter. Please reply to me from there if you have any further questions!

  28. Grace, where do I find your private message to me?

  29. I wrote my first full post today under the new image system and I must say that it was something of a disaster. It took over an hour to get my photos all lined up and looking right behind the scenes...and then they looked entirely different when I finally published the post. It used to be so easy and now the whole thing is wrecked.

    I'm going to give it a couple weeks and then begin looking for a new home for my website.

  30. dear grace, thanks for your reply, but i can't find it... please tell me where it would be... in my hotmail? it isn't there... [email redacted]

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