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    I insert images from a URL. I can’t find any way to edit them, other than doing all my work in an outside editor, or going into the text editor and changing the size there.

    This is remarkably awkward and time-consuming, as the only way to gauge appearance is by toggling back and forth between editors.

    I have a few images in my library, and did at least find the tool bar when I inserted one of those images. But there clearly is no way to edit any image inserted from a URL.

    Am I to conclude that WordPress is going to support resizing and such only for images contained in our Media Library?



    Hi, smallhousebiggarden,
    I’m no expert but staff member Robyn showed me how to add that tooltip for the images and, so far, it worked: on Text Editor, add within quotation marks, whatever info you need, between these two commands: alt=” ” width= that you see ‘under’ the picture.
    This is in no way an endorsement on WP changes to how images are edited; it’s too much code for my limited ability. However, as I said, thanks to Robyn, I’ve managed to add that crucial tooltip, which in my case I use to credit the author of the photo. Hope it helps. Wesley


    Bonjour √† toute l’√©quipe,

    merci de bien vouloir remettre les options pour les images !
    – espace horizontal et vertical
    – encadrement
    – redimensionnement…

    comment faire pour publier comme avant ?

    Impossible de maintenir la présentation de mon blog.

    Go back to the old image editor !! Please




    Thanks, that’s a good workaround for the “new feature” of no longer having any mouseover titles for non-gallery images. After some experimentation, I found inserting the title statement immediately after the first item in the image class statement puts the tooltip (mouseover title) back in. Example :

    <img class=”size-full wp-image-3730 alignright” title=”Calvin” src=””

    Thanks again!



    You’re welcome, picnicjohn but as I mentioned, I wouldn’t dream of figuring that sort of thing out. All credit to Robyn.



    Well, thanks for calling it out, and thanks to Robyn for the workaround.

    I realize the intent here is to accommodate those who blog on mobile (i.e. less capable) devices. But using that logic, in order to accommodate those who use crayons, we seem to be eliminating the use of anything except crayons.

    Hopefully WP will put the title edit and other missing features back into the Visual Editor so we don’t have to do these manual workarounds. I switched to WP so I wouldn’t have to, and I pay for WP premium to take advantage of the additional features. Seeing useful features trimmed away, and less professional-looking posts, merely to accommodate blogging on a cell phone, is a Very Bad Thing.



    @colltales and @picnicjohn

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for clearly illustrating how to make the tooltip work! While the old method was so much easier and I definitely miss it and want to have it back, at least this is a workaround for now. Cheers to you both!



    Clearly the thread wants the methods back, till then I will suffer through without!



    Sorry if this is a duplication. I don’t recall seeing it mentioned. One for the bug checklist …

    Re: Image Edit Icon Location in Editor Window:

    In the past, when you clicked on an image in the post editor, the image edit icon and delete icon appeared in the top left corner of the editor window-and/or-image, regardless of where the window may have been viewing at the moment within a large picture. This was very handy. Wherever you were in a large image, the icons were right there.

    Now, the new black pencil edit icon and delete icon appear only in the top right corner of the image, and you can’t see them unless you scroll all the way back to the top of the image. This is a nuisance when working with large images.

    I came upon this while using the Able theme, and drinking nothing but tea.



    picnicjohn, I agree.
    stacyfischer, you’re welcome.



    Why did my advanced settings for images disapear? I want to get a “tooltip” when my visitors lay the mouse over my image in my blog. I could do it before but not now. Why? I don’t like the changing you make.
    Sorry for my bad english.


    WP Staff, please, re-able ALL the options in the old image-editor.

    To obtain the horizontal space, I have to find and insert – in text mode – something like:

    <img … style=”margin-left: 50px;” …>

    Thank you for your attention.



    @smallhousebiggarden—-I started a separate new thread about this “Tooltip” thing yesterday since I was getting no response. Timethief responded and said she had no answer for this but would flag it for the WP Staff. Not sure how long this will take to get a response back from WP.

    The “workaround” they are speaking of above in this thread is a foreign language to me. It wasn’t that difficult to do a “Tooltip” for an image before. Even after reading the “workaround” twice, I still don’t understand it or know what to do.

    My brain just doesn’t function that way. I’m sure a programmer would understand it easily though. But at least someone here finally responded and it may be helpful to those that can understand it in the meantime until WP puts up an easier way for the rest of us.



    It seems to me that the “improvements” made on the 24th provide fewer options for the typical blogger. In the past year the site has become so enamored with developers that it has lost sight of the fact that most people just want to write or post stuff they care about and to be able to does so easily and creatively. I am disgusted that I cannot simply post a comment from Word and paste into my blog. I will be looking for some other venue to spend my time.




    I too miss the image resizing by percentage. It was a simple, quick way to make an edit and I’d like to see that option return.

    Also, the option to link an image to another website in a new page went away. Not sure why. I link to images to the photographer who took them all the time, and I would like their website to open to a new tab or window so that my viewer doesn’t lose track of my page/content. I have a work-around with the help of thatrobyn (code editing, not my favorite or strongest thing to do) but that simple option is a critical one, I think.

    That’s my two-cents!


    Please re-simplify the old good version of image resizing by percentage (60-130%). The new version doesn’t work: The images are too big or too small. And please re-activate the possibility of a new page of link an image to a seperate website too.
    Thank you.


    Please re-simplify the old good version of image resizing by percentage (60-130%). The new version doesn’t work: The images are too big or too small.

    Absolutely right!



    The stubborn failure by WP or its helpers (gagged?) to respond to this issue is a real disappointment.

    On the positive side we now have the brilliant image editing feature to be able to flip them vertically and horizontally – WOW, I mean really WOW!


    To display the alternative text using a tooltip, I have to go into the html editor text!

    I need to change alt = “text display” by titre = “text display”.

    It worked much better before!



    Help – I am new to wordpress and finally figured out how to insert my images and make the text sit around them and now it has changed. I want to be able to put a border (space) around my images so that the text is not squashed up against them. i used to be able to do that by clicking on the image but now there is this pencil thing and it doesn’t seem to have the border option.
    I saw in someone’s answer that you can put – border=”10px” – into the text but that gives me a bright blue border. i just want it to be a space. Can anyone suggest what I can do? I can’t use as is.

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