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Image Resize

  1. nancybellscott,

    You can have alt text appear when hovering over your image by first clicking on your image in editing, then clicking the "link" icon above your post. In the box that appears, type the alt text you want on the "Title" line.

    Thank you very much. I don't think WordPress staff or support addressed the multiple questions about this and about the open new window option, or provided these simple instructions to anyone here. If they did, I missed it.

  2. nancybellscott

    musicdoc, I believe you're right. These couple of instructions appeared only once or twice in many many recent pages of frustrated questions from people, and at least one instruction was from another wp member. Possibly the other was from staff. Not sure about that, but it took me literally days of reading to discover them.

    In any case it's inexcusable for WordPress not to respond to these basic needs of their customers after all hell breaks loose as a result of their unannounced changes. My great opinion of WordPress for several years has taken a big nosedive.

  3. Right, I've been happily using galleries in my posts in the past - tiled mosaic, generally - but now I can't get them to appear like that no matter what I select. Even circles. I still get thumbnails…


  4. Ok, I'm replying to myself. Got it. Sorry...

  5. krapoarboricole


    I'm sorry for being dissatisfied a few days ago,
    thank you for the new display options !

  6. @comboni-

    I looked into that image and you just have to add:

    style="border:0" to the image tag in the Text Editor. So an example of this is:

    <img style="border:0" class="alignleft wp-image-0000 size-full" src="" alt="XXXXXXX" width="800" height="400" />

    That will remove the border.


  7. davidalockwood

    <img style="border:0" class="alignleft wp-image-0000 size-full" src="" alt="XXXXXXX" width="800" height="400" />

    Did I miss something in the last 40 years ? because the last time I was expected to write computer instructions like this was, machine code back in the 1970's.
    Gosh WordPress have come a long way: now I understand the saying "what goes around, comes around"

  8. christinahills

    I really really want you to bring back the border and padding feature of editing images.

    I use that ALL THE TIME!

    This new version of WP 3.9 makes it worse


  9. ainkarateshotokan


    The old image editor included the choice of edges by a checkbox. It was very simple.

    Now we need to enter HTML code. Is it permanent or temporary?

    (translated by translate, I'm french).


  10. <img style="border:0" class="alignleft wp-image-0000 size-full" src="" alt="XXXXXXX" width="800" height="400" />

    You're kidding right? It was working fine and someone broke it?

    I'd like to know how to do the following in the new set-up (all options available under "Advanced Settings" in the old set-up):
    1. Add a border of particular width to my image.
    2. Add extra vertical or horizontal space around my image.
    3. Title my image (not the alt text or the caption, but the actual image title; right now it's a URL that I can't amend).
    4. How to set my image links to open in a new window (ideally without having to do this separately through the link button on the Kitchen Sink).
    For the record, I also will miss the percentage resizing options, as that helped me ensure that multiple images on my blog all ended up as the same size!

  11. Fifteen pages of complaints and still going strong. There's a message here ...

  12. And the folks over at WordPress.ORG just figured out that this fine image "upgrade" came with the 3.9 upgrade - not happy campers at all -

  13. @windwhistle: I am not surprised. I was pretty shocked myself when I saw the changes on todays upgrade. It looks horrible...

  14. Official response from WP - 'Put up & Shut up'

  15. I have the acquired the names numbers of all the developers. I am currently in the process of calling each and every one of their mothers. Maybe a little "time out" or a curtailment of their TV privileges will bring them to their senses. I've already had a few "Wait til his father gets home" replies.

  16. Here is the answer !

    install this plugin...

  18. Just click on "Pencil" / go to "Advanced Options"

    Enter border pixel value and colour value (e.g. 4 , #aa8888)

    Thank you Gregory Cornelius, the plugin writer

    Why this could not be added by the program makers , I don 't know ?


  • Here is the answer !

    install this plugin...


    Just click on "Pencil" / go to "Advanced Options"

    Enter border pixel value and colour value (e.g. 4 , #aa8888)

    Thank you Gregory Cornelius, the plugin writer

    Why this could not be added by the program makers , I don 't know ?


  • @snappersteve users cannot install plugins. has separate forums.

    WP has a right, even a responsibility, to try to make some income from products, features they incorporate or develop. That remains true for products and features previously given away.

    What I object to is that I never see warnings about major changes before they are rolled out, no attempts to explain how the changes might adversely affect your blogging experience, and, after the damage is done, seldom an admission that this is in fact the case despite dozens of irate users explaining precisely how their blogging experience has been degraded and/or ruined by certain changes. Rarely, if ever do I see an attempt to explain the purposes behind the modifications made in "updates," or an admission that an inherent result of the changes implemented is often that the user might have to pay in the future for a feature or set of features that had been free for past three, four, five years.

    Also, I've never heard them ask us to test and give feedback on "updates" prior to their being implemented. Instead, they are just thrust upon us, as if there were no reason to ever consider whether users might raise legitimate objections, or suggest reasonable alternatives, to proposed changes.

  • Ah...I understand !

    "Plugins on

    On, we include the most popular plugin functionality within our sites automatically. As a result, users won’t find a Plugins tab in the Dashboard."

    That's even worse for you...

  • In that case, WordPress developers, why not include this plug-in, even if only temporarily should you be intending to restore functionality in other ways?

  • sodiumglutamate

    I have around 500 images in my media library and this is just the beginning....
    I really, really don't want to have do do my borders in photoshop, so please add the border features etc. back to the image details box.
    As you well know, we on can't use plugins. Is this some kind of forewarning of impending paid for upgrades?

  • Hi there,

    Details on the plugin can be found here:

    I have asked the developers if this will be merged. At the moment I have not heard back. I will let you know as soon as possible!

  • arg ! why did I install the 3.9 ! now the resizing tools is horrible and i'm losing a lot of time to resize. Please go back with the percentage resize, make thinks simpler , would be nice

  • sodiumglutamate

    sorry gracejiyoung - I should have said - I am on and I understand this does not allow plug-ins. Am I wrong?

  • Just updated wordpress to 3.9 and got the same problem. i think older version is better

  • lechatdanstousesetats

    About resize, since WP put again the pixel quantity it is a little better, but nobody speak about the desapearance of «more colors» in the Text Colors. I use to put colors in my text to emphase some words, specially names and now it is really limited and I don't understand why they took it away. Please can't you put it back?

  • This is the so NOT user friendly for those of us who don't understand code!

  • Exactly!!! I don't understand codes, so I used WP because it was so easy to me to work my pics... that are a lot, and now I took me twice the time resizing them, and it is frustrating.

    How many more complains do you need to go back to the old version?
    Or maybe they want we beg them?

    (Sorry but this is really frustrating)

  • lechatdanstousesetats

    Somebody read my last question? Please put back the «more colors» in the tex color box! And about the plug-ins, I don't know how to install it!
    so it is the responsability of those who built WP to provide the costumers – US! – with proper tools, as it was before!

  • ainkarateshotokan


    the plug-in is certainly very good, but coment can I do with a blog for borders?

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