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Image Resize

  1. lamarmottegastronome

    Formerly files (media) were automatically attached to post/articles.
    I suppose it is since last change in WordPress, I have to attach them manually.
    Did I have to change an option somewhere to have these media attached automatically to articles ?
    I have this problem only when media are attached to article using a smartphone. From a computer it works correctly.
    Thanks for support.

  2. How on earth removing the old user friendly image editing system is progress is beyond me. Please reinstate the quick and easy way of adding padding, borders and resizing.

  3. Hi there,

    I have great news. :) Our developers have added border and margin options to the Advanced Options as seen in the screenshot below:

    Cheers and Happy Blogging!

  4. Thank you.

  5. Thanks for being in touch about this quickly, Grace. It is great news! I look forward to using these options again!

  6. ainkarateshotokan

    Very very good!

    thank you very much

  7. lechatdanstousesetats

    Hello, Grace,
    have you any answer about the missing «more colors» in the text color box? That is, from the beginning what bother me because I use colors in the text ans now it is rather limited. Sorry for my english I am from Portugal

  8. That is good progress.

    There is one bug that has been there since the change but should be fairly easy to fix.

      If you have an image that is correctly sized on the page say at 562x324 and you edit it to change the caption or anything else, it reverts to the full size of the underlying image which might be 1024x591.
      When you go to Edit Image/ Scale image the default values are 1024x591 rather than 562x324.
      I presume it is simply a matter of populating these text boxes with the correct default values to solve this problem.

    It's annoying for me but I have an Excel Utility to recalculate the value; for those who don't know what is going on it must be most disturbing.

  9. These improvements are wonderful...if only I could get to them. I STILL have the problem where I click on "ADD MEDIA" and I get NOTHING. What is the solution to this?

  10. Hi there,


    Our developers have stated that they are not looking into bringing back "More colors" option. This change, along with some of the other editor changes, was part of a design and usability overhaul that was discussed at some length by WordPress core developers.

    It's possible we may build in new ways to change text color in the future, but for now, you can update the hex color code in your Text Editor once you have changed the color to one of the standard options.

    @murrayfoote @trmusgrave-

    Can you please open up a new thread as this is getting very long - it's difficult for users to go through all the pages to find an answer. We'd like to troubleshoot this without adding to this thread.

    Thank you so much and sorry for the inconvenience.

  11. tomfromtechnoteamblog

    Hi @graceiyoung. I don't really see this as troubleshooting so I thought I'd just post this here. You can move it if you like.

    I was just wondering if it's possible for the developers to add the old percentages system back??? It doesn't look like it has returned when looking at that screenshot.

    Thanks for your help,

  12. Hi there, there are great news about the advanced settings:


  13. Is there any chance that the option for resizing the images will return?
    Oh please! That option made my blogging so easy, because I don't understand codes

  14. I second and third @tvxqguatemala's request.

  15. I'm starting to like the changes...and finding that it's not so difficult to work with. I do recall though, that previously when you altered the images using the "handles"...the increments would appear as you did so, showing the size specs adjusting ...which was handy. Doesn't seem to do that now.
    On another quick note...I have also noticed that my Audio Player is now far more slick looking all of a sudden. Shiny black with a lovely Teal and Orange as it plays through! I know this is off topic, but gracejiyoung...can you please thank whoever is responsible for this!

    As I said earlier, I'm finding image adjusting quite okay now.

  16. On another quick note...I have also noticed that my Audio Player is now far more slick looking all of a sudden.

    Hi, @745rpm see more about this:

  17. Thankyou galois! Interesting. I'll keep following.

  18. What about us poor slobs using WordPress.ORG, are we getting a border and sizing fix? Apparently NOT.

    You took my cheese, I WANT IT BACK!!!!

  19. alisonearlsaloud

    Thanks so much for the return of border and margin Advanced options – I feel like a couple of lost puppies have returned home!

  20. Thanks for the return of border and margin Advanced options now all we need is the precise image resizing to be restored as well. Dragging to achieve image resize just doesn't work that well.

  21. My attempts to remove borders using the new tool have failed. I presume setting the value to "0" would remove the margin which is placed on all uploaded images by default. It doesn't. With the Koi theme I've been using for the past three years or so, I used to remove borders by setting the alignment to "none." This has been failing since recent WordPress changes were implemented. Also a combination of setting the margin at "0" and the alignment at "none" fails to remove the default border of an image.

  22. Thanks for the return of precise image resizing. Thanks for listening. My advice in future is to give an upgrade/changes alert in advance of making the change!

  23. As mentioned before, please open up a new thread at if you have any specific questions after the latest changes.

    Thank you very much!

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