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    Why have you got rid of the option of being able to increase the amount of space between the image and whatever it sits next to?

    And the option to put a border round an image too?

    These are two great features that I used all the time and now they are gone. What was wrong with the old editor, is this just change for the sake of it. Change should only be made to improve functionality!!!



    Please bring back the Advanced Options Tab in the Image Editor!


    The happiness team have really gone overboard trying to help or explain all this ………….
    Could it be that they have all been playing with ‘ Tiny Moxiecode Content Editor (TinyMCE)’ and got themselves in a mess ?
    Like Windows 8 – forgetting that not everyone uses a phone or tablet computer. Not to mention that some of us take a lot of care with the image content and certainly do not require the basic editing facilities that now seem to be on offer.
    Should I take the red pill or the blue one – ignorance is bliss so maybe the blue; when I eventually wake all this will be but a dream and they will have put everything back to normal.



    this message is translated by the software translate (I’m french).

    Some improvements for photo editor when I did an update of my blog.

    But: no button to make a frame around a picture!

    And more opportunity to show a text when the mouse is over the image!

    The former editor included two options that seem always necessary!


    Show text when the mouse is over the image: alt text.

    I check in the code: derneir this is not the same as before.


    Show text when the mouse is over the image: alt text.

    I check in the code: it is not the same as before.


    alt text does not work for hover in Firefox.


    It worked at home with windows and even linux

    But that was before …



    Just popped back in to see if anyone from WP had addressed any of the issues, and I can see the answer is “Absolutely not.”

    This is pretty deafening silence. I wonder what’s up!??



    Maybe they’re having a rethink *falls off chair laughing*

    Well, maybe they are…



    In removing the “advanced options” tab, you have removed functionality that I use, specifically the ability to add, remove or adjust image borders. Please give me that ability back; it is important to me.



    My first thought was that WP had decided to cater to the tablet and “mobile” users, thus the simplified UI and a reduction of features uses by “serious” bloggers. As windwhistel notes in his blog post (, “who writes, designs, and assembles a serious blog post on a tablet or phone?”

    But there seems to be a contradiction — maybe a paradox is the better word — here. WP frequently features blogs that are literate and others that are photo-driven, i.e., devoted to serious writing and/or image reproduction. How does this square with the demolition of features that support these types of users?

    There may be considerable conflict withing WP management itself — how could there not be? And we could be the ones caught in the crossfire. Or am I giving them too much credit. Maybe they’re simply bad managers who don’t really give a sh*t what there customers think, and they instead think that their real competition is Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.



    They are ignoring it. have checked recent forum issues and the usual suspects are straight there – especially ‘timethief’ but there is total silence on this issue fro WP or the member helpers.

    Commitment to customer service – a sore of -zero!



    We Volunteers cannot help with these issues. All we can do is tag threads for Staff and that was done on this thread. There won’t be any answers from Support Staff posted into these threads until the developers have solutions that they will provide the Support Staff with. Then Support Staff will post them into threads.



    Thank you, timethief! I will put extra mental energy toward visualizing WP developers having solutions!!!
    Is that [developers having solutions] an honest possibility?



    Hi there!

    We’ve been taking notes of all the feedback and just want to thank you all for your comments and suggestions. We are reading through everything and are aware of your concerns.

    We published a blog post on Tuesday of all the updates that can be found here:

    While certain features like “Paste as Word” will not return due to the reasons mentioned in the blog post, thanks to all your feedback we will be looking into the re-inclusion of some missing features. While we cannot promise they will all return, our developers are looking into it as we speak.

    Reading through some of the comments, I did find that certain users were mentioning that they could not open up an image in a new window or add spacing in front or after an image.

    In order to open up an image in a new window/tab, please click directly on the image and then click on the link icon. A small window will pop up and you can check off “Open Link in a new window/tab”. Click “Add Link” and you should be set. Here’s a screenshot of this:

    Screen Shot

    As for spacing, you should be able to add spacing using your space bar as seen here:

    Screen Shot

    Thank you for your concerns, and please continue to report any new bugs or suggestions.


    Box to frame a picture becomes available?



    Today while writing my first post (still in draft) since the Visual Editor Downgrade, I found these two glitches that I didn’t see among the other problems I’ve reported (see my other thread New Visual Editor Concerns … I’ve been told to come here instead for anything regarding image handling).

    1. The more tag creates a silly line of grayish dashes now (Twenty Eleven), with nothing indicating what it is, instead of the former solid line with an actual tag on it. It also inserts an extraneous blank line, unless you put the more tag on the last line of the last paragraph above the line. In that regard, it is like hitting the return key. This is not an important thing, but it is yet another instance where the improvement is not an improvement.

    2. Today I found that I can’t click and drag an image that has a caption on it. Remove the caption, no problem. Put it back, no drag. I don’t know if this may have been the case before the editor revisions. I think I would have run into it. In any case, it’s something to look into. Twenty Eleven theme.



    Ok, we’ve got a couple of responses – that’s a start. And I quite appreciate what timethief said about developers needing to be able to post a solution, but if gracejiyoung is proposing that solution then she’s missed the major point for most of us: the simplicity and consistency of the percentage scaling.

    Maybe it’s a measure of our commitment to WP that we’re caring so much. I’ve been looking at alternatives today‚Ķ hmm…

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