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Image Resize

  1. @castonqueen

    Thanks for the reply. I see you have more complex page layouts than I use. I basically just toss all the images down on the page, size them consistently, and then write between them. For that the macro can resize a page of images in very little time. Perhaps for some of your posts that might be a useful starting point, though you may need to play with the Excel utility and then adjust the values in the macro to get the sizes you want.

  2. glad i found all these comments. thought i was going insane, well it is enough to make one pretty damn crazy, solution here for these changes on WORDPRESS is a simple but very affective email to aLL subscribers 'WE HAVE UPGRADED YOUR SERVICE please be patient' and give a deadline! Very poor service from WordPress. Too much time glued to the computer and forget that actual people use it. We are not VIRTUAL

  3. I don't mind changes, but there are a few of snags:

    1. Photos in galleries can have titles and/or captions. The titles appear on mouse rollovers or in the gallery display. Individual photos display inconsistent behavior: they are no longer allowed to have titles, only captions. A mouse rollover produces nothing. It would be better and more consistent to allow individual photos to still have titles that appear on rollover.

    2. If you give an individual photo a caption, a section break is automatically inserted, creating a new paragraph! There doesn't seem to be any way for an individual photo with a caption to appear anywhere but flush with the top of a paragraph. This is extremely limiting and I don't understand the reasoning.

    3. The top of an uncaptioned individual photo is always flush against the line above it, and there does not seem to be any way to edit the vertical spacing.

    Apart from these items, the changes do not seem to be intrusive, but neither do they produce any apparent benefit that I can see.

    Thanks in advance for addressing or providing workarounds for any of these issues.

  4. Putting in my two cents about adding horizontal or vertical spacing (pixel buffer around the image) - that's a very important feature I've always used!

  5. WP, would it be possible to offer both your "new and improved" GUI and an alternate "advanced" GUI (the one you removed) for those of us who want to use it? Put the advanced options on a separate tab, like they were before, or perhaps provide a way to toggle one or the other. Or maybe Visual Editor, Text Editor, and Advanced Editor pages.

    Two GUIs. One for beginners, one for advanced users.

    Or one for the "social network types," if that's your goal, and one for the serious bloggers.

    WP was founded for bloggers and built from a blogger base. Please don't abandon us.

  6. Amen, windwhistle!

  7. Amen, windwhistle!

  8. @windwhistle

    and amen from me too - that would be a perfect solution…

  9. Hi there!

    As I mentioned before on Page 5 we are reading through all the comments and feedback. Due to your reports we have fixed the more tag issue as seen here:

    As for the workarounds for the border and spacing around images, I have added addressed the spacing around images here:

    In order to add/remove a border you can please switch to the Text Editor and add:


    So a sample of what it would look like is this:

    <img class="alignleft wp-image-1264 size-none" style="margin: 50px;" src="" alt="best-wordpress-templates-2014" width="206" height="202" border="2px" />

    You can adjust that 2px to any number to increase the border width. The number 0 will essentially remove the border. Please note that this will depend on your theme. If this does not work, you can edit it with CSS.

    Some have mentioned that it was not possible to drag images with captions - this has been reported to our developers.

    Our developers are also aware of this thread and are reading through the suggestions. While we can't promise that all these suggestions/recommendations will be realized, we are looking into bringing certain features back.

    Thanks again, and please add new recommendations or feedback!

  10. ainkarateshotokan

    Why be forced to go through the text editor while the former picture editor had a very practical case?

    Is it so hard to turn it back on the box that previously existed?

  11. W P Admin,

    Please re-introduce the Old Image Editor and stop experimenting with new and silly ideas, which do nothing in terms of improving the imaging system and the only contribution they (these experiments) offer is the waste of our valuable time and unnecessarily contacting the WP Admin for advice.

    I have lost around 2 hours of my valuable time while reading messages, as to how to add a rectangular border around my Urdu post. In the previous Image Editing System, it used to take less than 10 seconds.

    Please revert back to the old system and
    stop experimenting with the wordpress features like the Monsanto Scientists, who have given nothing, but the poison and menace of Genetically Altered food to the world, which nobody wants.

    Your new WP features ---- Sadly, nobody wants.

  12. Nicely said @gibralterisspanish. I'm an old person who NEEDS the % resizing option-it was so easy. You're wreaking havoc with my life.

    Thank you for listening.

  13. Not only was the % resizing convenient and fast, it allowed you to go in manually in the Width/Height pixels and fine tune the size, even adjust the aspect ratio, all in one operation per image within the image edit box. I used it a lot, esp when I routinely had four or five dozen images within a single blog post.

  14. I used that percent resizing tool on every single one of my posts and find this new system unnecessarily complex and illogical. I actually had to go back to my old posts and write down my standard image widths and heights so that the pictures in my future posts will match up with my old ones. If this new system requires that I take notes and refer to them in order to do what I used to be able to do with the click of a mouse, then this new system is a step in the wrong direction.

  15. @windwhistle: +1000

  16. @gracejiyoung - I tried your example. The statement: border="2px" does produce a border all around the image when you toggle back to the visual edit. (A purple border, in my case.) However, it does not produce any effect on the published page, even when bumped up to 20px. My example --

    <img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-3838" src="" alt="Storm the Hill" width="300" height="225" border="20px" />

    -- produced no change in the border all the way round.

    The other issues remain. When you first insert an individual image into the page you can give it a title, but having done so, the title isn't displayed when you mouse over the published result, nor can you edit the title after the image has been inserted. The title isn't displayed or used anywhere; it is just gone.

    The captioning for individual photos remains a problem. The moment a caption is added to an individual image, a section break is introduced, starting a new paragraph. I still can't imagine why a feature that prohibits captioned images from appearing anywhere but at the start of a paragraph would be introduced! (You also can't drag a captioned image around, as others have noted - placing a caption on the image inserts that nasty section break and locks it into place.)

    With all this fooling around, I've noticed that sometimes, after adding a caption to an image, I can't get rid of it, even after deleting it and republishing. The only way to get rid of it is to delete the image from the page altogether and reinserting it from the media files.

    I didn't use proportional image resizing that much anyway, but eliminating it seems to have introduced a host of other gremlins.

    Thanks for going at a workaround for the vertical spacing problem.

  17. A plea regarding dragging to resize an image (which I prefer to the percentages): Prior to your changes, in Firefox (on a Mac), dragging a "grabby handle" would cause the image dimensions to appear on the cursor. Watching those numbers allowed you to control the size to the exact pixel and made it easy to drag all images to the same size. It appears now that those numbers are gone. I urge you to restore those numbers so they appear not only in Firefox but in all other browsers across all platforms. (They weren't available in Chrome. I had to use Firefox when I needed them.) They really are essential if you're trying to drag to a specific size.

  18. Hey all:
    So far as I can tell this update is horrible and was completely unnecessary. Great I can add and re-size photos but NOW how do I make it so those who view my blog can click on the photo to open it full size vs just "you get what you get" as it appears to be now.

    If I'm mistaken please inform because as I almost exclusively post photos it hinders me pretty badly to not be able yo click and see the full size photo......what gives?

    Thanks all.

  19. And WordPress if youre listening, by reading this forum it's pretty obvious this change needs to be undone and revert back to what we had. The sooner the better please......


  20. Good morning from Greece to all.

    I still hope WP will take care of this. As a good person I hope that silence means that they work hard on this.

    As a resume, I write my depressing problems after the unsuccesful and uncaused change

    1. The loss of percentage in images, which make my posts very ugly, since some photos come out huge and some others tiny

    2. The disability of clicking on the photos to see them full size

    3. One more that I havent seen on all comments above, since I dont have time: When I copy and paste some text from Word/Office,
    it does not keep my bold and italics words, as it did before, so I have to do this again on the post.

    Please inform me if someone has the same problem as well or fixes it some way.

    And by good heart one piece of advice to WP Happy Engineers.
    I can undestand that some people get paid, so they have to show up some changes, some acts.
    But when so huge changes are planned, firstly they have to be tested in some pilot way, before beind established to so many professional or non professional bloggers.

  21. sportslogopundit

    I am also having trouble with the workaround for borders. I need to remove a border from a logo that I am posting and everything that I have tried has not worked. I used the workaround exactly like Grace's last update and put in 0px and the border is still there.

  22. @gracejiyoung…

    Thanks for that, and I was really pleased to note the line at the end about 'looking into bringing certain features back' - please, please, please do. While the text edit workaround for borders works, it took me ages to teach one of my clients how to use the old, visual editor/advanced settings features. The thought of trying to teach them some html is making me think about running away to sea. Please save me from this fate; I'm a terrible sailor.

  23. Please re-introduce the old Image Editor and stop experimenting with new and silly ideas !
    This new editor is very bad !

  24. To the WordPress staff:

    Don't away functionality unless you know for sure that it is not being used. I've been working in the software industry for 25 years and I've seen this over and over again, that when you redesign a feature and in so doing remove some things that users could do, users get super angry.

    Really, the new way to resize images brings this functionality into the modern age. This change has been long overdue. But to then also remove the old ways of managing how an image appears in a post breaks the way that so many users (me included) have been using WordPress for years.

    This isn't a simple matter of "you moved my cheese and I don't like it" - it's a matter of you <i>took away</i> my cheese and I want it back.

  25. WP, these are your instructions on your site for using an image tootip:

    Note: The title added in this field does not display as a tooltip (when a mouse is hovered over the image). To add a tooltip title, edit the image after inserting it into the post, and add your tooltip wording to the Title field.

    This is the 3rd time I've asked about this. Is there some reason you cannot tell me how to edit all my image tooltips for the images on my blog? Do I have to forever keep what I already had because of these changes you made? And how can I add the tooltip for new images from here on out since you've made these changes?

  26. Why remove a user-friendly function? Give us back the old functionalities for the advanced image editing feature, like margin and % resizing.

  27. There was a NEW image resizer, I found it - see what I posted in a different thread on it.

    the adjust picture size by exact pixel was in the NEW editor - I know because I found it and tested it - it was NEW code and worked fine - then it seemed like someone decided that was too easy and took it out - since it was new working code - makes no sense to me to take it out - fully half the image issues in the forum would have went away if the new size option was left working.

    Why take out a new feature that was working good? it was much easier than the old change picture size

    Since it was NEW code, I can only assume that it came with the new editor and was taken out to give this great leap back 15 years to need to code in html - one of the reasons I moved to the WordPress software was to get AWAY from needing to do much in html, html NOT being my native language

  28. @windwhistle

    dragging a "grabby handle" would cause the image dimensions to appear on the cursor. Watching those numbers allowed you to control the size to the exact pixel and made it easy to drag all images to the same size.

    Glad you caught this. That was a great feature for setting multiple pix to a common size, and other uses.

    On advice of a helpful Happiness Engineer, I looked at the News about the revision that gave us the Visual Editor Downgrade:

    WordPress 3.9 Beta 1 Announcement

    Today's news about it, now Beta 3:
    About 1,960 results

    I said before that I'd pay for an upgrade if necessary. There is one way I can prevent this kind of sudden downgrade: self-hosting.

    When I install "the latest stable release of WordPress (Version 3.8.1)," I can sit still with it and not be an ignorant Beta tester, then upgrade only when I see them release it as "the latest stable release."

    Self-hosting is probably not worth the cost for my hobby blog, but in other situations it is looking more attractive than I understood it to be before this Visual Editor Downgrade.

    In any case, I'll never recommend again without emphasizing that the free blog users are beta test guinea pigs (and some really loudly squealing ones among us!), and that sometimes the beta can be a a big premature mistake.

    I'm so ignorant. I must have ignored a beta tester role warning somewhere when I signed up.

    What if a future beta does to the media library something like what we've seen here, and suddenly we lose the ability to manage it for a few weeks? Or the Dashboard?

    Time to pay up. I got what I paid for, and it was truly great while it lasted, trusting in something I did not understand (I'm not prepared to say I was mislead, but ...).

    It's not like they didn't warn us this was a test version, sorta. In the News visual editor change announcement: Introducing Smoother Editing and New Playlists:

    Updates coming to your self-hosted sites, too

    All the new improvements we’re introducing today are part of the WordPress 3.9 release, which users test out first. [emphasis mine]

    In my first look at that announcement, I skipped over the stuff under the heading with "your self-hosted sites."


    No doubt I've been warned many times before. Double doh.

    FWIW: I can't find the words beta, test or trial in the TOS.

    My thanks to the H.E. who turned on the lights. And my apologies for being ignorant and loud about it.

  29. Correction:

    Time to pay up. I got what I paid for,

    I got WAY MORE than I paid for.

  30. As well as creating consternation amongst people who want well-formatted images in their blogs, the new downgrade is also riddled with bugs. Here are a couple more I just encountered:

      If you go into the image editor, remove a caption and click [Save], the image on screen is resized to the full size of the underlying image.
      If you remove a caption by deleting it underneath the image, the image becomes screen-width. This is because the initial html statements for alignment and width disappear.

    @Gracejiyoung, I have a couple of questions. Please answer.

      Why have the changes to the image editor nt already been rolled back?
      When will percentage resizing return?

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