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    In my blog (Mistylook theme) I use to embed images from my flickr account. Original images are 240×180 but I embed them at 230×172 setting width and height width wp editor.
    About one week ago I discovered that my blog didn’t display well, as images are on pages at 240×180 even if I correctly set them at 230×172: image resize doesn’t seem to work anymore.
    I suspect that the problem is caused by a CSS bug (introduced with the infinite scroll feature) that so ignores the images width and height that I set.
    Can you fix it?

    P.S. – I think that all the acrimony I can read in those days in your forum is mainly due to this problem and not to infinite scroll.

    The blog I need help with is


    WordPress definitely broke MistyLook when they added the infinite scrolling (or it was due to some other change they made at the same time). No one knows when they will fix it.

    I’ll have this moved to the themes forum where it is more likely to be seen by one of the theme team.



    ok, thanks.

    Here is the link to a post where you can verify that the image resize doesn’t work:
    The two smaller photos at the end of the post should display 230×172 instead of 240×180.

    I confirm you that I suspect is a CSS bug.
    Thanks for the fix.


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    moved to the themes forum where it is more likely to be seen by one of the theme team


    @momomometto: We’ll take a look at this image scaling issue on Monday and get back to you with a fix.

    A note of clarification that this has absolutely nothing to do with Infinite Scroll. IS didn’t break the theme and this CSS issue is completely unrelated to IS code. I’ll update this thread on Monday for you. Cheers.



    Clarification of the clarification: IS by itself cannot break the theme, but WP being sloppy (as they’ve been so far) very well can.


    @momomometto: Check your site now at You should be good to go. So sorry about the headaches and happy blogging. :)

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