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    i’m currently using the theme ‘Under the Influence’ and i’m having trouble resizing images that I added from existing urls, whether it’s my photobucket link or an image from a random website. It registers the change in size in the New Post Edit visual box but when I preview or update it goes back to original size. Can anyone help?
    Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    The maximum displayed image width could be the issue > Under the Influence > see here please >



    The problem is that it wont let me make the images smaller, so it can’t be a maximum size issue because that’s just it, I don’t want the maximum size…It just wont shrink them no matter what I try.


    I inserted and downsized two of your photobucket images in my test blog. The downsized versions show up fine in other themes but not in Under the Influence. You should report this to staff:

    In the meantime you can downsize your images by switching the editor to HTML and changing the image code from this:
    <img [etc. etc.] width="215" height="217" />
    to this:
    <img [etc. etc.] style="width: 215px;" />

    But you’d get better quality if you downsized copies of your images in an image editing application and uploaded those copies to your blog. See here:



    Great, I’ll try that, thanks



    I have tried the new code but alas it does not work. It is a problem with the theme, hopefully they will be able to fix it.


    If it wasn’t a problem with the theme, I wouldn’t have told you to report it to staff.

    But the workaround I suggested does work; example here:

    If it didn’t work for you, then you didn’t do it correctly. Please link to a post in which you tried it.



    No need for the tone, I appreciated your advice and that’s why I spoke to someone about it. As for the workaround I will try again thanks.

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