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image resizing

  1. i got a message today saying i had used up all the space in my media library and can not upload any more images. clearly my pictures were too large bc i have only been using this blog for a year! i am horrified! i guess i have to go back and resize ALL my images from the past year (since i shouldn't have to pay for a space upgrade) to make space but i have NO IDEA how to do this (i'm not tech saavy obviously since i didn't know i was uploading large images) and how much time is this going to take??? i get sick thinking about it and meanwhile i can't post any more pictures to my blog.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, you've been uploading huge files: the landscape-shaped ones I checked are 4000px wide. There's no point doing that, because the theme you're using displays them at 640px maximum - or 900px on attachment pages.
    (By the way, since your images link to attachment pages when clicked: is that intentional or not?)

    To downsize the images you need to use an image editing application like Photoshop, or an online tool like this:
    Then you must edit each post, remove the inserted images, upload and insert the downsized copies, then go to Media > Library and delete the originally inserted ones (if you only remove them from the posts they remain uploaded to your blog).
    How much time is this going to take? I get sick thinking about it myself!

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