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    image right-click-protect feature – Don’t see that WP offers this? I have read this article but don’t understand why WP, like Flickr and Crevado and Smugmug for example, does not offer this. ( It would also be nice if WP provides this when posting Flickr pics, that they would link to a Flickr stream but not allowed to be downloaded.) I would like to post direct from WordPress without using Flickr. Thank you!!

    The blog I need help with is


    Doesn’t work anyways. At most, it’s a minor irritant. I haven’t met an image on the web yet that I couldn’t copy one way or another.

    The only way to prevent copying from the web is not to post on the web.



    Disabling right click is available only on the Monotone and Duotone themes. However, be aware that it simply provides a false sense of security. It is so easy to bypass that sort of thing, or simply do a screen capture that it can be defeated in seconds flat and the instructions for defeating it are posted all over the web. Watermarking is a more effective deterrent >

    Bottom line: If you do not want your images to be stolen then do not put them on the internet.

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