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Image Searches Leading to my blog

  1. Until Andy posts to this thread gain or, another staff member does we have no information as to what's going on. If you read the whole thread you will see that he has contacted Google.

  2. I don't think the hits were taken away by the fix. The fix simply allowed the search terms to be extracted from the URL and put into "search terms" rather than showing up in referrals.

    Speculation on my part.

  3. i wonder why google doesnt index all my images on wordpress. i have about 1300 images hosted at (my domain) and goole only finds 223 of them. any ideas?

    all my images begins with the url so google should find all of them right?

  4. No idea, you'll have to take that up with Google.

  5. I'm still getting Google Image searches but not as many as before. Before every single referral was them. But now the referral number or search term quantity don't match the traffic at all.

    kstafford, you have a unique blog. I have never come across a horse racing blog before. You just have to find a way of promoting yourself to that audience because there are tons of racing fans out there.

    phattrance, this blog of mine is now finally getting listed on Google Image. But not every picture is there. And last I checked, my other blog didn't even have one picture on Google Image and I had that blog for about two years.

  6. thesacredpath was correct: when things are working correctly, any referrer that contains search terms will have the terms extracted and inserted into the Search Terms table and that referrer will not show up in the Referrers table.

    Google Images search referrals were arriving at your blogs without any search terms in the referring URL, so we could not extract any search terms and consequently they appeared in your Referrers table. We will never know what the search terms were because Google did not provide that data. Now they have fixed the URLs and we are again extracting the search terms.

    You are still getting traffic from Google and Google Images even if you don't see it in Referrers.

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