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    When my domain was hosted by I never saw Google search referrals at all. Now sooner than I had my domain repointed and hosted elsewhere and I had all kinds of Google searches. In fact most of my refereals are from Google on that blog. I’m wondering if there hasn’t been some sort of a bottleneck between and Google.



    Not only is it still happening here, I’ve gotten multiple hits now on certain images, mostly chefs and lolcats. Go figure.



    I know that google imagesearch hasn’t worked well with as long as I’ve been here. It still doesn’t, actually: I tried to search my own blog for images I know to be there, named properly and with the title the same as the name, and neither Google searching nor turned up ANY results. I’d like to know how those people are getting returns and I’m not!


    Most of my traffic comes from Myspace. But right now it’s from Google Image. Is something cross-referencing with Google?


    Hello from Montreal

    All of my traffic for the last three days has come via [] into my blog, which is wierd, it is almost systematic the posts that are coming up in the right column, I thought it was strange that I have not logged but two blog hits since, all my referrals are coming via google. I wonder who is collecting all my images and where they are going? My spam is way down, go figure.




    This issue was caused by a recent change in the way Google Images URLs are built. This prevented the search term extractor from shunting these referrals into the search terms stats. I am working on a fix now.



    Thanks for the update Andy. :)



    After more research, I found that Google Images frame page URLs appear broken (empty prev values). There is no way to extract the search terms at this time because they are not present. I am sending word to Google. Hopefully they will fix it but if not, I’m probably going to leave their referrers in.



    Thanks, Andy. I was wondering about this. The past three days most of the referrals to my blog have come from Google Images. Good for the stats, though…



    They’ve definitely been tweaking more than that. Their Blogsearch is all over the map as well; one day it shows incoming links, the next day they’ve gone poof, a week later they’re back…



    The same ‘phenomenon’, i.e. a (for my blog) ‘huge’ amount of Google image searches!! What’s this all about?



    Read the posts above yours. It’s all explained.



    Wow, I’m glad to have founds this thread. During this past week my referrals have changed from regular Google searches to ALL image searches. I don’t have any referrals for regular Google text searches any longer. I don’t mind the image searches but miss the text searches as they lead people to some great posts.

    Hope this gets worked out and thanks for the info above on this situation.


    For several days now–maybe a week–I have had the same thing happening on one of my blogs.



    maybe someone can help me with this question:

    does anyone know why google image doesnt index all my images hosted at
    when i do a site search it only finds 219 images of 1300.

    my blog url is:
    one thing that i noticed that the images that i upload to gets this url: does it have anything to do with the domain?

    any suggestions?



    Wow. I thought, of course, it was just me, and e-mailed support asking what this meant. I don’t like it! Because now it’s the only referrer I’m getting in my list.


    Why on earth would it upset you that your images are finally being indexed? I don’t get it.



    I’m not upset and actually don’t want this “fixed.” I love the traffic I’m getting as it appears about 1 in 10 are actually clicking on my pages…..and I’m getting roughly 200 per day. Considering I just launched on 11/18 and was getting maybe 10-20 hits per day before that, I’m rather happy with the new found publicity!



    hmmmmm…..looks like my image search traffic has ended abruptly. I’m hoping this wasn’t “fixed”…….now I’m just a seldom seen blog again.



    Mine has abruptly ended too, but weirdly my traffic is still massively increased. Anyone else have this phenomenon?

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