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    So far I posted images at a size of 9×7 inches at 72 ppi on my blog. Now the image
    gets crunched down to a “reasonable” image size. Who decides what is reasonable?
    The image on the post is now much smaller then it was in the past. How can I change
    the image size that it is the same size as it has been in the past? Is it not my decision
    how big I want the images to be?


    The wordpress software decides, but you can change the side of the image by clicking on it and then grabbing one of the corner handles and resizing it. You can go up to twice the size it was before it will lose resolution as I understand it.

    You can also now set the size for your thumbnails by going to setting > media.



    I have a similar problem. I have always uploaded my images at a size of 500 x 375 ppi. I never had a problem with that, but all of the sudden, just a couple of days ago, something has changed and I get all my pictures at 400 x 300 once uploaded, no matter what the original size is. I tried to change the size grabbing one corner and also inserting numerical values, and it resizes indeed to 500 x 375 but terribly pixeled, as if the original picture was 400 x 300 and not 500 x 375. I have also changed the settings of the maximum image size, but it doesn’t make any difference. Can anybody help me with this? I am sure that the solution is simple, but I am spending already hours with no results.



    There was a recent code change and a new FAQ to help:

    The problem of pixellation when resizing in the editor should be solved now if you select the Full size image option.



    Thank you, it works now. However, I must say that I already knew and tried the full size option, resizing and all that. So the problem seemed to be something else. The only different thing that I did was to save changes after I uploaded a new picture. I don’t know, the fact is that it works fine now, but it is also true that every now and then I get really absurd behaviours with the wordpress editor, which get miraculously solved by themselves after trying exactly the same solutions several times. Anyway, thanks again.

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