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image size

  1. I am using media from multiple different locations: flickr, photo bucket, vimeo, youtube etc, i would like to know how to make all these items display at the same size, therefore leaving a nice even border on the right hand side. as you can see, there are lots of iregularities!
    is there a way i can embed everything making maximum use of the templates fixed width?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There's no way I know of that you can make them all the same size except by either dragging the corners to a certain width or coding them by hand to be exactly the same size.

  3. in that case, is there anyway i can find out the maximum size for my template, The Journalist v1.3?

  4. pana knows all of that (sorry, I'm bad on themes), but you could just add an image to a test post and stretch it until parts of it disappear; that'll give you your maximum size.

  5. Maximum width (i.e the width of the black databar) is 720px. You can set that as your default image width in Settings>Media.

    Youtube videos can be resized. Instead of


    you write


    (Last time I had checked, this didn't work with other video shortcodes.)

    Another possibility is to limit the number of posts per page to 1 (Settings>Reading).

    Another possibility is to even things out somewhat with wrap-around text - see here:

  6. On second thought: all the videos on your front page are 513px wide, so that's your best choice for default image width.

  7. thanks, i have found the advanced settings on the image editor to enter the exact size instead of dragging the image. this should do it. the youtube code helps aswell, with vimeo
    ( w=513)

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