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    I am using media from multiple different locations: flickr, photo bucket, vimeo, youtube etc, i would like to know how to make all these items display at the same size, therefore leaving a nice even border on the right hand side. as you can see, there are lots of iregularities!
    is there a way i can embed everything making maximum use of the templates fixed width?

    The blog I need help with is



    There’s no way I know of that you can make them all the same size except by either dragging the corners to a certain width or coding them by hand to be exactly the same size.



    in that case, is there anyway i can find out the maximum size for my template, The Journalist v1.3?



    pana knows all of that (sorry, I’m bad on themes), but you could just add an image to a test post and stretch it until parts of it disappear; that’ll give you your maximum size.


    Maximum width (i.e the width of the black databar) is 720px. You can set that as your default image width in Settings>Media.

    Youtube videos can be resized. Instead of


    you write


    (Last time I had checked, this didn’t work with other video shortcodes.)

    Another possibility is to limit the number of posts per page to 1 (Settings>Reading).

    Another possibility is to even things out somewhat with wrap-around text – see here:


    On second thought: all the videos on your front page are 513px wide, so that’s your best choice for default image width.



    thanks, i have found the advanced settings on the image editor to enter the exact size instead of dragging the image. this should do it. the youtube code helps aswell, with vimeo
    ( w=513)

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