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    Is there a way to unify the size of the thumbnails in a gallery? I’ve tried scaling, photoshop manipulation, and a myriad of other processes without success. I merely want them, to be small squares of all equal size.

    Also, can one image/photograph be utilized on two pages or does it need to be duplicated?

    The blog I need help with is


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    The site linked to your username says: is no longer available.

    Are you asking about another site? http://

    If you want the images to be squares, all the same size, then you need to use a photo editing program to make them all squares of the same size. You cannot make a portrait aspect ratio match a landscape aspect without distorting one or the other picture.



    From an earlier question to the Staff it looks like it might be this URL they are asking about: which is mapped to a blog here.


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    Thanks auxclass.

    Then the OP might be interested in this to make the link correct:

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