Image size changed, whats up?

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    I just did my weekly post and never changed anything and the image at thumbnail size is much smaller than my previous images at the same size……………. They are from the same set of photos uploaded at the same time, why is this happening?? Anyone seen this recently?

    The blog I need help with is



    Holy guacamole! You are uploading HUGE images.
    This image is
    1,936px × 2,592px (scaled to 434px × 582px)

    What is the maximum displayed image width in the Twenty Eleven theme you are using?

    By analogy one cannot park a Mac truck and semi-trailer unit in a parking stall for a Vespa. You need to resize your images prior to uploading them.

    You will find that images you re-size after uploading into your blog lose some color and sharpness and you will be troubleshooting images over and over again if you keep posting oversized images. If you want better image quality use an image editing application to re-size copies of your images to the specific dimensions required and then upload and insert those copies.


    I have been using the same size and placing them the same for over a year, today the image is much smaller, they are native resolution from an iPhone, supposedly shown as a thumbnail on the blog, but today’s is much smaller than all previous images, I want them large so people can see the label to get the information off of it should they need it larger than the thumbnail on the blog…….



    Perhaps this is what’s up with your blog


    thanks I’ll add my question and follow the discussion…….


    Holy guacamole! You are uploading HUGE images.

    Just to clarify the image sizing/color/quality issue… timethief, did you know that has a built in feature to resize and compress images for you so you don’t have to do it on your computer before you upload?

    For example, check out this version of the image you linked earlier:

    Resizing before uploading isn’t required like it used to be.

    In the past, you had to resize before uploading but you don’t have to any more because does it automatically for you! Regarding color and sharpness, if you are a photographer (probably most people aren’t) or a graphics professional, you might want to resize images on your own, maybe—but if you did resize manually, then you would want to resize them to double the image display size so they will work properly on retina displays (something new to consider). Also, note that resizing images with a graphics program manually will of course also result in loss of color and quality (that’s inevitable when compression is used), the only difference is that if you did it manually you’d have a little bit more control. I know you’ve helped troubleshoot image issues in the past and probably have seen some problems and that’s why you posted what you did. However, also keep in mind that is always making good changes behind the scenes too, and things like image compression, quality, and color have likely been improved compared to when you’ve seen people have problems with those things in the past—and probably based on some of those past issues you remember. Also, I recall that in many cases in the past, the problems happened when an non-standard color profile was used when it shouldn’t be (i.e. saving with a print color profile like Adobe RGB compared to a screen color profile like sRBG which is designed for monitors and works best on the web).

    @chilecopadevino, thanks for replying on the other thread. I’d like to look into the thumbnail resizing in more detail, and I’ve posted more info. for you on the other thread.


    Aside :) “Holy guacamole!” is my favorite phrase of the day.

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