Image Size (editor vs media library)

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    I’d like to report a wordpress issue, the problem is
    how could I explain this in english to be understood ^^
    Let’s try with an example: Here is a picture
    here, its correct information on to media library
    and that’s the thing you get; while inserting in a post

    This is another image, and a nonsense to me

    Translations are correct into glotpress
    full size = taille originale
    medium = moyenne
    and yet
    “full size” text = medium dimension
    “medium” text = full size dimension

    These explanations would have been way better in french
    but not many french engineers are available, “overseas” ;)

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi lilmaouz,

    Looks like a bug in that theme? Bouquet…
    May could be so? It’s a holiday in the U.S. but I put a modlook on this thread.

    bonne nuit



    Hey hey hey Tessy, I’m sooo happy to see you :D
    Ok, thanks a lot (but I got the same, using oxygen on a test blog)
    (I don’t really care, but I guess some people do :)
    Gros bisou! (6am here) Sweet dreams, Tessy! 〰❤



    Bouquet + oxygen? No, this must be a translation issue
    I’ll keep searching onto glotpress. Thanks again!
    (I suggest moving this thread onto translation forum (?)



    1) I bet you weren’t using Bouquet when you tried this (I can even tell you which themes would have given you these results).

    2) “Full size” is misleading, and “taille original” is a bad translation. The option means original size unless the original is wider than the maximum the theme allows: in that case full size means downsized to that maximum.

    3) The thumbnail, medium and large options are meant as three different default sizes. You set these sizes in Settings > Media. What you’d set depends on the theme you’re using. For example, if the width of the main column is 500px, you’d set the width for the medium option to around 250px and the width for the large option to around 400px. If you’ve done that, then when you upload a 900px wide image and select the medium option, you’ll insert a 250px wide version of the image. If you insert an image that’s narrower than the default for one of these options, the option will be greyed out.
    Your screenshot shows 900px for the medium option: this means the width for that option is (erroneously) set to 900 in Settings > Media.



    Helleuw, just p! Wow, great day, meeting my good old friends over here :))
    Oh god, you’re right! I uploaded those images on my main blog because the other one is my private test blog, but this happend using the theme “oxygen”. And the first link is not the good one (it’s a bit wider than the one displayed in the original post). Thanks a lot!
    Ok, I’ll change the translations in glotpress. In fact I won’t translate those strings, I’ll simply revert to the original, since there’s no related information, it’s the only way to proceed.
    ✩ Thanks a million, just p! Have a nice day ✩



    You’re welcome!
    Yes, Oxygen is one of the six themes that would give 470 for the full size option.
    A possible translation for “full size” would be “taille maximum”.



    “full-size” is displayed on the support pages. I do my best to use and repeat on any of our dashboard screens, the same “best” word, and sometimes the original (english) word is better than any perfect translation. Those themes and their new featured things are difficult enough, trust me ^^

    Wonderfull information, as usually. Thank you very much, just p! :)

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