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image size in gallery does not adjust width anymore?

  1. I just noticed today that individual images from a gallery do not resize to fit the column width anymore. Instead each image is shown in its original size, which now bleeds into the side bar and cuts off half of the image. This was different until just a few days ago. Until now when clicking the thumbnail of a gallery, it showed the image resized to fully fit the width of the column. I am using MistyLook Theme. Here is a link to one of the galleries in my blog that exhibits this problem:

    I've tried it in Firefox 2 and IE7, same result.

    Any ideas?

  2. If you used the Gallery feature to insert those images, they seem to be actually displaying at full size because none of them are "clickable" leading to the full-sized image, which is not how I understood the Gallery feature to work.

    Since we don't have access to the guts behind the Gallery shortcode, I'd suggest contacting support about this problem.

  3. @justjennifer: You're right that bruderz must contact Support. Let me just note that bruderz did not describe the problem accurately; the link he's given is not a post with a gallery - it's the strange result you get when you click on the fifth thumbnail of this post (which has a gallery alright):
    Same thing happens with all the thumbnails of that gallery.

  4. You're right Bruderz, there's a resizing problem. I've got the same problem than you, and yersterday my photos were resized fine ... I was not sure before reading your post (although I was sure I had tested my galleries ...) but now, I'm really sure this problem did exist before !

    See my post here (I did not see your post when publishing mine ... ) :

    And my problem here :

    Hope the WP support team will solve this problem ;-)

  5. Oups, i wanted to write "now, I'm really sure this problem did NOT exist before !". Sorry for this (I cannot modify my post, too bad :-( )

  6. @justjennifer: yes I am using the gallery feature [gallery], for which we have no way to modify its behavior. I also agree that the gallery feature should be setup so that when viewing a particular image, it is scaled to fit the page, and also is click able, to link to the original sized image. Right now I tell people to use the browser option 'View Image" to do this kind of thing.

    @hervej: yes, it seems you do experience the exact same problem as I do. I thought maybe its a problem with my theme, but since you have a different one, I guess its not.

    How do I contact support? I thought this is the support forum?

  7. Just tried this in a test post on my own blog using "The Journalist" theme. No resizing is taking place on the Attachment pages on my theme either, so it's not the theme, it's the shortcode.

    I also filed a Support ticket.

  8. I think we know what's wrong now. We fixed a bug. Turns out many themes depended on that bug. Code goblins are on the case.

  9. Thank you Tellyworth! There's also one more thing. Can you please ask them to look at this?

  10. sounds great1 Thanks for checking it out so quickly.

    So how does it work? Will each Theme creator/designer have to change their code now?

  11. Great news ! Thanks for the Code goblins, and hope this won't be too much work for them ;-)

  12. Nice i'm not the only one with this problem
    hope they can fix it soon...

  13. The fix has been deployed. Give it another try.

  14. yay, looks like it's working again

  15. It's working too on my site. Thanks a lot !

  16. Fabulous, many thanks!

    The images are now resizing, but you still can’t upload a separate image to another post and insert it into a Post where there is a Gallery. The separate image becomes part of the Gallery rather than remaining a separate image. The method for doing this was first suggested in a forum post by Nick and used to work before this weekend's changes.

  17. No probs, sorry about that guys :)

  18. Found a solution to that, justjennifer: Upload the image the normal way, SAVE THE POST, then click "Add an Image" again, click Gallery, delete the newly uploaded image, save again. It gets removed from the gallery BUT NOT from the media library, so you now have it as a separate image in the post.

  19. @panaghiotisadam Just tried following what you posted and, in my case, deleting it from the Gallery in the Image Uploader also deletes it from the Media Library.

  20. Damn it you're right! Apparently I was fooled by the damned cache: when I refreshed the page to see the results, things were as I said. Now that I checked again, I was greeted by the nice little questionmark... Sorry (but I'll keep experimenting - promise to be more careful next time)!

  21. OK-here's how I did it finally. Upload separate image via new, unpublished Post. Saved the unpublished Post.

    Went back to the Post where the Gallery appears, opened it in the Write Editor. Clicked on "Add an Image", then from the Media Library in the Image Uploader I clicked used "Insert into Post" to insert the image into the Post where the Gallery displays. Apparently in order to avoid navigation problems, you should link the separate image to "None" or "Image URL" only.

    I'm still experimenting with deleting the Post where the separate image is uploaded. But that's for later.

  22. Thanks for the fix in fixed-width themes. However, images are still overflowing into the sidebar for flexible-width themes. Are there any plans to fix that?

  23. (@tma2-I wanted to check your site, but then remembered that you switched from Rubric to K2 to "solve" the problem.)

  24. @justjennifer: Ah, good!

    I've got news, too (or so I think - please check it)! It's the reverse solution. If you want both gallery and separate image in post A, you can upload the separate image in A, then upload the gallery in another post and transfer it to A (with the post ID shortcode). Once this is done, you can even remove the gallery shortcode from the other post.

    @tma2: Did you try Andreas09?

  25. OK-separate image in Gallery Post problem solved. Apparently I needed to follow my own Gallery FAQ instructions and upload the separate picture via an already existing Post and then insert it into the Gallery Post from the Media Library. No need at all for a new, unpublished post.

    Hope the flexible width issue tma2 still has gets resolved as easily.

  26. @panaghiotisadam: Yep, thanks very much for that suggestion of Andreas09. It works. However, I don't really like that theme, for various reasons including a sidebar to the left, etc. :)

    Good that you solved the pic-in-gallery-post problem, I will need that later on for nested galleries. Thanks for that as well.

    I guess what I'll do is look for a fixed-width theme that is readable enough (if I find one better than K2lite, maybe TheJournalist) and switch to that. Then, in the future, if the problem is solved for the Rubric theme, I'll switch back to it (it's the most easily readable and cleanest flexible theme, IMHO).

  27. (thanks to justjennifer as well, of course, for the consistent help -- just posting to make that explicit)

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