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    Hi there.

    I am using Triton Lite theme. It is stated there, in the main content, the image size without sidebar, the full page template, is 960 width while with sidebar is 620 width. I made the images in 960 width because I want it to show the actual full size in the full template but what turns out is, it is automatically put into 620 width when I insert the image and is under 100% view mode.

    May I know is there any way to fix this?

    The blog I need help with is


    I tested this, and I was able to insert an image at 960 on a page using the “Full width, no sidebar” page template.

    Try making sure the image is inserted at full width by deleting it and then re-inserting it from the media library. Before you click the “Insert into page” button, make sure “Full Width” is selected for the image size.

    If you’re still having trouble after that, reply back here and include a link to the page where you’re seeing the problem happened.

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