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    New to blogging here. I have a problem with the images overlapping the sidebar. I’m willing to try to resize them one by one if necessary (as opposed to letting the up loader re size which is clearly not working)- but I do not know and cannot find (despite many searches) the appropriate width for my theme (pressrow.) I sure thought this would be easier and I’m surprised to find that I have to post to the forum to find out how to do this…….



    The blog I need help with is



    I thought the link would appear with my user name- but here it is anyway. I do remember that there was a list in the FAQ of themes and relative image sizes- but cannot find it to save my life…




    Pete, when inserting an image into the posts or pages, if you want them the maximum width the theme will accept, select “full-sized” when inserting them and wordpress will make them as wide as possible for your theme.

    My suggestion would be to edit your posts, and reinsert the images using the “full-sized” setting in the insert image window and everything will work as it should.



    Pete, you might also want to check out this related discussion concerning image size, and overlap of sidebars:

    Can the right or left sidebar be turned off?

    There is also this page, “Maximum displayed image width”, concerning the maximum image width that will work with various themes:

    For Pressrow it is 500 pixels wide according to that page.

    If you want to resize images before uploading them there are many free image editors. I use IrfanView.



    Well- ok- I’m ignorant. Though I had tried everythign suggested prior to this post- I simply was not “updating the post” i.e. saving changes. The uploader stated that the image was now inserted but without saving the changes they did not go into effect. I had used the “large size” option on the original post.

    I also spent close to an hour trying to find that info- theme max width etc. Thanks! I feel that would be good info to easily find as supported image width is one of the most basic aspects to consider when choosing a theme.


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