image sizes T/M/L/FS – some not available?

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    When inserting an image in to a page (or post) sometimes some of the various size options (Thumbnail, Medium, Large, Full Size) are not available. I’ve tried playing around with this to see when the various options are available by uploading the same file resized from quite small (120×240) up to large (2500×5000). But for this example file it never enabled the “Large” option.

    I’ve read a couple of faq items and, and searched the forums, but I still don’t understand why the Large size never was available.

    Can anyone clarify this?



    Full Size is always available. Other sizes are only shown if they are smaller than the full size.

    If you haven’t set explicit dimensions for Large images (Settings/Media) then the Large size is defined as “the biggest image that will fit in your content column”. Tall thin images will fit in your content column but short wide images won’t. That probably explains why you’re seeing Large available for some (landscape/wide) but not others (portrait/tall).

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