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Image sizing

  1. I use the 2010 theme and until recently, selecting a medium size for image display would allow two images to be displayed side by side. I look at the image properties and it shows 450x337 as the image size. This is not the size indicated when I select the image from the gallery.

    This size means that I cannot put images side by side. WHen the page initially loads, the images are correct but, once several images are loaded as 300x225, they resize themselves. Strangely, some images show up at the desired size.

    Is there some parameter that must be set in wordpress or is this a browser problem?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am having the same sort of problem. Images are uploaded by me at one size, which I then insert into draft at a reduced size. When I preview the draft post, it displays it at the original uploaded size, not the size in which it was inserted in the draft. I've uploaded and inserted thousands of images in this manner, but never had this problem until now.

  3. I'm flagging this thread so it will be moved to the Themes Forum where Themes Staff can respiond to this issue.

  4. I have found one more fact on this. I have a wide monitor and usually use magnification of 125 or 150% to use the width of the screen effectively. If I leave the magnification at 100% the images show side by side as I expect.

    If I increase the magnification, instead of browser magnification, the pictures are enlarged and placed one above the other since they no longer fit in the allocated space.

  5. You may be on to something. I size my widescreen monitor at 125%, and then magnify within my browser, IE9, at 150%. I'll have to experiment with it, but I've been doing the same routine as far as image sizing with the same type of monitor and magnifications for over a year without any problems with images until now. Also, my header image (when I use a featured header image) on my theme (twenty-ten) is now being "stretched" and distorted instead of staying as a normal image as uploaded, and I've never had this problem until the past month or so.

  6. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I've committed a fix that should take care of the automatic image resizing problem. Please let us know if you have further questions!

  7. @isxhours
    Are you aware of the fact the bloggers are finding that Vostok disappeared from thei blogs and was replaced with Twenty Ten? Is that Themes Staff's doings or have they all been hacked? See >

  8. Six Hours,

    Thanks. I've just published my first post since that earlier problem, and even with a ton of images that I used, I did not have a recurrence of the "resizing" problem.

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