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  1. michelledawnom

    For some reason (I have all my images as 300 width so it looks cleaner when scrolling through posts).. this one image (I even edited it in an outside program to 300 width after it didn't work, before uploading) still shows up as larger than the rest. Anyone know why this is? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the URL of this image?

  3. michelledawnom

  4. The dimensions of that image are:
    425px × 480px

  5. michelledawnom

    Oh. I'm not sure why it shows that because I resized it and it shows as 300x325 when I go to upload it..

  6. michelledawnom

    Even when I resized it in GIMP to 300 wide by 325 or whatever height (I just care about the width for nicer look) and then set it to full size (300 width) in WP, it shows up larger ..

  7. Click the image URl that you provided above.
    The click right click and select "Display image info"
    The dimensions of that image are:
    425px × 480px

  8. michelledawnom

    hmm not sure why it stays that size even when I put it in at 300 ...

  9. How about deleting the image from your Media Library and then creating a new image offline that is the correct dimensions prior to uploading it?

    I don't fiddle but if you want to see here >

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