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Image spacing not working

  1. In my graphic on, the horizontal spacing is set to 10. I see the spacing in the Visual Editor but not when I view the site. Why not?

    Also, for the aforementioned page, when I click View when I am editing the page I get an error message that the page cannot be displayed, but I can view it from View Site. How can that be fixed?

  2. I just discovered that it's a problem in Firefox but not in IE7.

  3. Is this resolved then?

  4. It could be - for reasons only know to Microsoft - that they do not honor the padding. I've seen this before. All browsers will render pages slightly differently. It's too bad there isn't a standard when it comes to rendering web pages. It looks fine in Safari on my Mac as well.

  5. I found a fix to the first problem, which I will post shortly.

    The second problem still exists. When I click View on the page I get this error message: "Doh! Something has gone wrong, the page you're looking for can't be found." However, if you type my site's URL, you can reach that page, and it displays correctly.

  6. I was able to fix the image spacing problem by adding this to my image tag,

    style="margin-right: 10px"

    and by making hspace=0.

    Here's how the img tag now looks:

    <img src="" alt="Silva interview with Gary Carter" align="left" border="0" height="146" hspace="0" vspace="2" width="240" style="margin-right:10px;" />

  7. i'm having a similar issue with extra space showing up above and below images in my sidebar. and it's driving me bonkers. i tried the hspace and vspace idea, but that didn't fix it. any suggestions? thanks!

  8. At ewe23
    Would you please provide a link to the blog you are referring to? The one linked to your username is an empty blog without images in the sidebar.

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