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    Hi there-
    I’ve just searched around and not found the help i need.
    I’m inserting various images from my gallery with captions. Two probs:
    1. every time i insert an image, it creates a line space (a new paragraph). I don’t want this. When i try to delete the line, it deletes the photo. Help!

    2. I used to be able to insert images and then click on them and drag and move them around. Now when i click and drag, it only moves the image BUT not the caption. Then everything gets messed up. Help!

    My site is and i use Firefox.
    Thanks so much!



    1 try editing in the HTML editor rather than the visual editor. That should give you the option to delete the < p > or < div >stuff in between without deleting anything else.

    2 Caption formatting is seriously messed up; for instance, all my captions skew to the left no matter what I do. Contact staff and report the bug, but you may have to wait till Monday.



    Hi Raincoaster-
    Thanks. I don’t mess with the HTML much. When i try to take out the <p> tags, it just puts them back in!

    Here is what the html looks like:
    My tour with Island Expeditions was underway and from hereon out we</p>
    [wp_caption id="attachment_1346" align="alignright" width="180" caption="Adrift at Sea"]<img class=”size-medium wp-image-1346″ src=”″ alt=”Adrift at Sea” width=”180″ height=”120″ />[/wp_caption]
    <p class=”MsoNormal”>would be showerless, incommunicado with the outside world, and totally on island time.

    thanks for your help!



    Hmm, looks like it’s that funky WP code.You COULD try stripping it all out (everything in the square brackets, both before and after the image) but you’d have to put the width and alt text/caption in via HTML coding then.

    I see the MsoNormal… you’re not pasting in from Word or something, are you? If you just do P instead, that might work. Try that. Just delete the class= part.

    I am just experimenting here, though. I have not tried this myself.



    Hi raincoaster-
    I do paste in from Word. You caught me. But even when i change stuff in the html–it changes it back–what’s up w that? I’m soon to change to, but still need to post some here. T

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