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    There is something I can’t get grip on. The images in a post I want google to find, I give the ‘right’ search title, add an alternative title and a description that contains the search words I think are needed.

    But, for a reason I don’t understand, google always indexes/shows the images I didn’t tag like above. I do tag the post in which those images are added.

    Can anyone explain to me how this works? To me it sounds logically google will find the images I tag, but instead it finds the less/untagged images connected to a post. Is it ‘confusing’ for search engines, that a post is tagged and some images in a post are also tagged with the same tags?

    This probably sounds a bit weird. But it’s getting quite frustrating google always shows the ‘wrong’ images. Adding only one image isn’t really an option either. Does anyone know how this works?

    Regards, Sonja.

    The blog I need help with is



    Can you give us a specific example, with URLs?




    In this post I titled / tagged the frontal bunny image with crochet rabbit pattern, crochet rabbit etc. When I type ‘crochet rabbit pattern’ in google I find the other two images. The image taken from the side has crochet bunny as title and the same description, the other one has no info. The frontal image which is best tagged, I can’t find.

    Hope this helps



    That’s very interesting. That explains a great deal of what we’ve seen with our stats here. I’m going to tag this for staff attention. And I know Timethief has written an article about images and google search; it’s somewhere on



    Thanks. I’ve just read that article. Maybe I put too much tag info to the images I want to be found. This is what I do:

    That frontal image contains this info:
    IMG title: crochet rabbit
    Title: crochet rabbit
    Alternative text: crochet rabbit, gehaakt konijn
    Description: crochet rabbit pattern, bunny crochet pattern, amigurumi bunny, rabbit amigurumi, crochet rabbit
    =Not found

    The side image
    IMG title: crochet bunny pattern
    Title: crochet bunny pattern
    Alt. text: gehaakte paashaas
    Description: crochet rabbit, crochet bunny, crochet easter bunny, crochet hazy, amigurumi easter bunny.
    = Gets found

    I guess I do over-tag and repeat too much, looks a bit silly I’m afraid. But what stands out is, the image not to be found, has in both IMG title and title the search terms, while the image that IS found has not….and that is happening to other images in post of mine. That is strange.

    Now you know exactly what I do. Do you have other tips when you see this?

    I really appreciate your help, thanks!!



    I checked some more posts of mine with images in them and for a while, drew this conclusion: untagged images are considered content of a post to google, so they show up in image search. The tagged images are considered non related, individuals, so have a smaller change to be found.

    Here some examples:

    In my fox post: untagged image with unrelated title gets found in google image search (is actually first image in google which is good), some other untagged images are found. Tagged image doesn’t show up.

    Another post: untagged image scores pretty high and links directly to post. Tagged image does show, but much further below and links only to image.

    BUT, the rabbit image that gets found does have tags, it only has a different title than the search term.

    It seems a bit random. I wish I knew how it worked!
    What I do know is that if I want my favorite image to be found, I should give him a different title than the post or search term and don’t tag it….that’s just odd!

    Oi, I’m sorry for this these long texts, I hope we can find out how to do it the correct way….



    That is all very interesting. I hope staff will weigh in; for now it seems like the best way to get your images included on Google search is to include a throwaway image tagged to the max and then not tag the other images, which will show up, unlike the tagged image. This is surely the opposite of what Google would want.



    Thanks raincoaster, I guess I’ll have to do that for my next pattern post.

    I’ll wait and see what the staff discoverers if they weigh in.

    Have a nice day, regards.



    When looking for ‘haakpatroon konijn’ or ‘crochet rabbit pattern’ I was able to find the images of that post. It seems Google did crawl your site and content.

    Could you send the link of the Google page when you were searching?

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