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    The form used to insert an image into a blog post works great, and the image align option is handy if you want to wrap text. This works great and looks fine on WordPress itself. But when fans subscribe to blog posts using certain RSS feed readers, it does not look right. I have only tried this on Google Reader (I subscribe to my own blogs to keep an eye on their view-ability), so I cannot speak for the others–but it IS a very popular reader. When viewing posts in the reader with wrapped text, the wrapping does not show up properly, presumably because Google Reader does not recognize the code–and it looks awful! When I looked at older posts with wrapped text in the reader, however, it looks normal. After a quick survey of code in my blog posts, I’ve noted that this is because WordPress has recently begun using < image class=”alignleft” > instead of the usual < image align=left > to accommodate additional coding options for the size of the inserted image, etc. For example, what used to look like this (minus additional code):

    < img align=”left” (and so forth) />

    …now looks something like this:

    < img class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-73″ />

    I tried changing my code back to the traditional align=left, and found that it fixed the problem–my new posts now look normal (and much more professional) in the RSS reader.

    Is there a way WordPress can work to fix the text wrap code for images so that RSS readers will recognize it? I’m not sure if other people have noticed this, but they probably wouldn’t like the fact that any wrapped text they have is, well, not wrapping in certain RSS readers, meaning their blog subscribers are seeing a very awkward-looking page.

    The only other thing I want to mention here is that often when the old align=left code is used, there is little to no space between the text and the image, and it looks rather cluttered. I can fix this manually with a bit of code on my end, but if WordPress did revert back to the old coding, it should be noted that this is an issue. Perhaps the form could utilize both the old image alignment code AND automatically place the image in an invisible table to eliminate the cluttered look? (Forgive me if this is not feasible for any reason–my HTML knowledge is basic and limited.)

    Hopefully something can be implemented to fix this issue. Thanks for reading.



    This is sonthing I recommend asking Staff, ->




    This is something I recommend asking Staff, ->



    Thanks, will do that. I wasn’t sure where to put it.

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