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Image to Blog Title

  1. Some blogs include an image in the blog title (i.e.

    How do I go about adding an image to my blog title.



  2. You cannot add an image to the theme you have now - wordpress classic. These are the themes that allow for custom headers Ambiru, Benevolence, Bliss, Chaotic Soul, Connections, Contempt, Cutline, DayDream, K2, Kubrik, Neat, Regulus, Pool, Pressrow, Rubic and Sapphire.

  3. All caps portion of the post removed. Please don't shout in the forums. It's considered rude most places on the net and is not acceptable here either.

    Here's the FAQ on the subject by the way with sizes and whatnot.

    Freidnly reminder that that image would probably be considered copyrighted. At the very least get the permission of the person who spent the time creating that image.

    Hope this helps,

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