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Image @ Top of Post

  1. I can upload an image and have text wrap around it. However I trying to have the image at the beginning of the post and have text fill the blank space adjoining the image.

    Right now all I can manage is:



    I would like it look like:

    Picture Text.............................................

    Is this possible?



  2. Hi there,
    I'm not sure if I understand you clearly and because your blog is protected I can't see which theme you are using. The Cutline theme has special instructions for how to treat images. These are found in the FAQs blog. These are the instructions I use to achieve what I think you are indicating

  3. I took the viewing restriction off(

    I would like the text to begin at the upper right hand corner of the picture rather than the lower right hand corner.

    The instructions you referenced are the ones I originally used. Are there post instructions associated with a particular theme? It seems in this case it should what's good for one theme is good for the rest.



  4. Here's an example from one of my K2 Lite blogs of using the instructions I gave you to accomplish what you want.

    There is no universality when it comes to features on themes. Each one is made to the designer's specs and they do vary. As far as I know when it comes to special instructions Cutline is the only theme I know of that has these for image treatment.

    Also one of our techy bloggers has done theme reviews encompassing all features and bugs that you may wish to consult

    Your private blog feature is still functioning. It really doesn't matter though if we can establish which theme you are using then I can put it up on my test blog and get back to you after I try it out.

    The problem I had with the Pressrow theme was that due to the inclusion of the dratted "jump to comments" button I could not start a blog post with an image and then have the text wrap work the way I wanted it to which is exactly the way you are describing.

  5. TT It's Cutline. Remember that mention of ESP... ;)

    Gary - I haven't looked at the links that TT gave you (which will probably tell you the same thing, but you can put align="left" into the IMG tag and it should wrap the text. Of course, you can exchange left for right too...

    The big problem comes with trying to centre an image, somthing I've never managed on


    EDIT: I went and looked at the link TT gave for cutline, it has special instructions for left, right and centre alignment. ;)

  6. [She bangs her head on the computer screen and then laughs instead of saying nah, nah, nah, nah, nah - I told you so in my first post. ;)]

  7. I've also done this:

    Which also explains about off-Wordpress hosting. The big thing with centering is that it has to be done in advance of posting the pic; for whatever reason posting it and then trying to move it does not work. Center the cursor, then insert the pic.

  8. /me grins and blows a raspberry at Time Thief! ;)

    Hey rain - is that post title long enough? :o)

  9. I got a million of 'em. Tiny URL is so NOT what I'm all about.

  10. @rain
    You always make me laugh: "Tiny URL is so NOT what I'm all about."
    I'd be willing to lay a bet (and I'm no gambler) that neither Collin, you or myself could be called "tiny" folks or shy folks or retiring folks and I'm not referring to physical size or titles either. ;)

  11. Way to drag a thread off-topic! I have never been described as the "shy" OR "retiring" type! :)

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