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image upload

  1. Hello, I'm trying to upload an image to my post using the new media tools of the updated WordPress design. Uploading with the older design was much easier I think, whereas now I upload an image selecting the 'no' url link option and still the posted image is linkable and I don't want it to be there anything I'm missing?
    Also, when the image appears on the post it has a blue frame which I never had before...and don't really like do I get rid of it? Can please, please anyone help? Thanks a lot.

  2. Thanks anyway, and sorry for posting about an issue which had already been solved. It looks I solved the problem thanks to a previous post!

  3. I love new design in general, but I have many problems in managing images and videos. The insert dialog box doesn't show properly. How can I use the previous system?

  4. Not at

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