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    Oh, I *love* the new ability to upload a bunch of photos at once! This is GREAT!!! Thanks!

    I also love the new Gallery option. But it has a problem.

    1) Too much white space beneath the Gallery in a post.

    2) It does not order files numerically correct.

    See my sample post here:

    The filenames are 1999a01 to 1999a09. The Gallery put 09 before 01! That needs to be fixed.

    I’d also like a way to get rid of so much whitespace beneath the Gallery.



    Ooh! Just noticed a new bug! The first line of text after the Gallery is now in a smaller type size!



    I’ve played around with image uploading and have two suggestions:

    1) I always custom-size images before posting and post full-size. I see no way of making Full-Size the *default*. Medium is the default. Changing that is an annoying added step.

    2) It now defaults with an URL for the image, meaning photos can now be clicked on to display alone. I don’t want my photos to be hot. The only way to do that is again another step, of choosing None under the URL link.


    I’m so confused. When I press the insert into post button, nothing happens. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong since it seems that nobody else can? The photo is downloading into the gallery but that is it.



    If you can see it listed in the Gallery as a one-line entry, click on it to expand it. You should then get an Insert Into Post button.


    You had to choose none with the old version of wordpress, or at least I did, every time I uploaded or sent an image to the editor. And, the old wordpress always defaulted to thumbnail for size for me.


    I have gotten the insert into post button. But when I press it nothing happens. It does not insert. It goes to a black screen with an x in the right hand corner. That’s it. It does not show up in my post.



    That doesn’t happen for me. What OS and browser are you using?




    Which version of Safari?



    And what OS: XP, Vista, OS X?


    OS X. And all my Safari is updated.



    Yeesh. I’m on XP and use Firefox. But I have Safari 3.0.4 and just tried it. It worked fine for me, no problems.



    same is happening with me . .worked fine last night, now half way through a important posting for publication . . and I can not insert a single image no matter if I re-upload it, choose it from the gallery, with link, without link, any type of alignment or option, it simply does not load

    I have been using FireFox on my Mac OS X10.4.8 happily for ever with previous wordpress, and now it’s a nightmare . . .



    kellianne73, try the cookie dance: clear your browser cache and cookies and try again. For whatever reason, that sometimes helps with problems like this.

    What kind of file are you attempting to upload? As in, jpg, bmp, etc?



    I just tested in the latest Safari on Vista and it works. Will try it on a Mac when I get home.


    Nope. Not working for me. Very strange since I posted this morning and everything was fine but as soon as they switched it up my photo downloading stop.

    I feel really funny asking a puppet questions but at least you tried Mike. Sigh. You’d think they would update the FAQ section before the switched everything over.

    The Image Deprived Blogger



    Does that popup window (whatever the fek the programmer term for it is!) rely on Java? Could she be having some sort of Java/Javascript problem? Maybe needs to see if she has the latest version of Java?



    Matt: What about the frikkin bugs I’ve pointed out at the top here?! Need fixing!


    Did you say cookie dance? OK. I’ll give it a try. I’m just downloading jpg.

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