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Image Upload Bug!

  1. tested with safari now and it didnt even work there...

  2. I want to bang my head on my desk.

    I can only hope this is an issue WP's techies know about, *understand*, and are working on a fix. A *formal announcement* to that effect would do wonders for WP's PR!

    Anyone at WP reading this?!

  3. I still can't upload photos, among various other bugs, such as the freaky widgets and the inability to insert pictures into posts. This has been going on since Friday. I can't believe there have been no posts on the WP blog telling us what the heck is going on. And I've already exchanged 17 e-mails with WP support. No progress.

  4. What the F*** is wrong with the damn image gallery section????

    i tried to upload 4 image files and they all were in the gallery section, then i deleted the images from the media gallery (manage) and the did a new post and uploaded the SAME images, and now they are not shown in the gallery... WTF???? tested with firefox.


    Files in the gallery:
    Files gone:

  5. ok guys, found a temporary fix to paste all of the image files from the gallery section is to write [gallery] in the post and it will paste all the images that you have uploaded to the post even it you cannot see the images in the gallery section.

  6. Hi, guys

    Its seems that I have the same problem: I can not upload any photo...

    The white box with black top and an "X" on the top right corner appears... but nothing happens!


  7. We've already fixed a number of uploader problems, and we're working hard to try to track down and fix the rest. Unfortunately we're receiving many vague reports ("nothing happens") but very few that include sufficient information (such as the basics suggested here).

    Please don't assume we know what you know and see what you can see. Please try to include sufficient information when posting a question or contacting support. We cannot help otherwise.

  8. Has anybody heard anything at all about the inability to upload photos? I'm on the sixth day without being able to upload photos. My support request with WP is in limbo, after 17 e-mails. Haven't heard anything.

  9. staboo: I just uploaded a test image to your dashboard. It worked perfectly.

  10. I am wondering if there's any difference between updating your Flash from Adobe Flash or Shockwave Flash? Because I only updated from Adobe. If they are different, I'm going to do a lengthy blog post about the essential utility of differentiation in nomenclature which should be brought to the attention of all techies who are out there naming software.

  11. tellyworth: Thanks! Unfortunately, it still doesn't work for me. If only we all had your computer!


    The uploader uses a SWF - Flash not Shockwave.

  13. Thanks. Uploader still not working but at least I don't have to write a lengthy screed.

  14. staboo: your particular problem (a HTTP 500 error) has happened on 10 of the last 55,000 or so uploads. It's not just my computer that works.

  15. firefox:
    ubuntu: 7.04 completely updated

    I go to the create post page, then i click on 'add media'. The upload image dialog appear after some time and i click on browse and select an image (png), after that the progress bar appears but it never advance in the first try so i close the dialog and click 'add media' again.

    the progress bar always works in the second attempt. But just when it says 'crunching' firefox crashes. the file doesn't get uploaded

    warning: incompatible stripping characters and condition:
    SFX � ucarse �cate ucar
    warning: incompatible stripping characters and condition:
    SFX � ucarse �cate ucar
    warning: incompatible stripping characters and condition:
    SFX � ucarse �cate ucar
    Segmentation fault (core dumped)

    I hope this helps

  16. santiagozky: the current version of Flash for Linux is Your version includes a number of bugs, including security issues.

  17. I am not able to download any pictures to my postsl

    When I am on the Write Post Page, I click on the Add Media: Add an Image button and then find the picture that I want to download. I later discovered that the pictures were uploaded. So, then I clicked on the Insert Image buttom and the picture appeared in the Post section. However, when I publish the post, the picture does not show up.

    I hope that explains my problem well enough. Please help me get my pictures published.

  18. glassart: which post? This one has an image:

    Please see the sticky post about uploader problems at the top of the forum if you haven't already.

  19. Alrighty, I just noticed that WordPress has added a browser uploader option, in addition to the Flash uploader. This is good, since it seems to have finally solved my problem. I wonder when the browser option was added. Anyway, I can now upload images again. Now it's on to the other issues!

  20. We added it a few minutes ago. It doesn't fix the Flash problems, but provides an alternative.

    We're getting more and more reports that clearing browser cache and/or upgrading Flash fixes most issues. Adobe released a new version of Flash today, it's possible it fixes more problems.

  21. I'll give both the new uploading option and the new Flash a try and report back, but it'll be at least an hour. Still blogging.

  22. I'm now able to upload a picture using the Browser Uploader, but when I click on Gallery (which indicates one image in it) I can't get the image; all I get is "Save Changes" button. It does appear in the media library, however, and I can get the URL there and save changes. I see now it also tells us how much space we're using. Nice.

  23. There should be a fix for the empty gallery page issue soon. It happens when you upload images before a draft has been saved or autosaved. If you click Save before opening the add image box it should work fine.

  24. Same problem. When I press the insert into post button, nothing happens when trying to upload images. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? The photo is downloading into the gallery but that is it. Help!

    Oh and what's this about an avatar? Do I really HAVE to have one?

  25. Okay, here is what I get (OSX, Safari) - I save the post, click on Add An Image, I get the grey screen and the rolling bar and that is absolutely all that happens. After 10 minutes I get bored. Why can't I have images on my blog?

  26. @tellyworth:

    1. Upgrading to Flash 9.0.r124 on Linux only marginally improves the situation, and some Linux users might not even know how to do this: The Eee PC uses a very customized Linux and Joe User will have to wait for Asus to offer an upgrade.
    After updating my Eee PC to the latest flash release, I was able upload a batch of pictures but that took over 10 minutes and I could hardly use the uploader since it doesn't fit on the screen.

    2. Both the Flash and the Browser uploader suffer from the same design flaw: they don't query how big the usable screen is. This might not be a problem for your 22" desktop system, but on a 8" portable device it very much is.

    3. The whole dashboard design wastes too much space and makes using it on a small screen very cumbersome and time consuming. Idea: Maybe you could offer an alternate dashboard for those facing screen size constraints?

    If you need further information or need somebody to test something, let me know, I am willing to help.

  27. I'm having the same problem as everyone else. I uploaded 3 pictures without any problems. When I attempted to upload a 4th photo and selected "insert in post" it placed the picture in my gallery but not in my post. I now have 10 pictures in my gallery but only 3 are actually showing up in my post. I've attempted some of the suggestions on this forum but nothing is working.

  28. ok, now I'm really ticked!!! The post I published with the only 3 pictures I could upload has completely disappeared!! It was published and displaying on my blog and now its nowhere to be found. What is going on? I'm really not happy with wordpress right now.

  29. It's easier to help you if you give us more info. For the vanishing post issue, start a new thread and tell us your browser, version, if you've updated Flash and performed the Cookie Dance, what the title/url of the missing post is, whether it's visible under Manage, and provide a direct link to your blog.

  30. ok I hope I can post this although I don't have an avatar by now.

    Today I uploaded ONE Picture in jpg-Format and it worked fine. I klicked the "add an Image"-Button, choosed the picture from my PC, it crunched, the picture was there, I toldes hin which size I wanted and klicked the "Insert into post" thing and it was there.
    After some hours I tried it again. With other pictures from the same dicection and nearly the same size and also in jpg. Now I have them in my gallery but I can't insert them into the post because if I klick "Insert gallery into post" it says done but nothing happened. (Then, if I klick on "Save" it warns me that maybe Informations will be gone if I send the data again, maybe this information is important?)
    I wrote "[gallery]" now in my HTML-window but then I only have a VERY small gallery on the page and if you klick the pictures you still get them only very small and not the original size.
    BUT... NOW.... I was in the HTML-view of the entry and tried "Add an Image" again.... and it WORKED...... Oo;
    So maybe that's the problem? The difference between "HTML-View" and "Visual-View"? For me it was the solution so maybe it helps others?

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