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Image upload not working

  1. Hello WP.

    I'm having problems uploading pictures for my wordpress webshop.

    I'm trying to upload a relatively small image, and the upload bar progresses a bit forward and then suddenly jumps back to start. And 30 seconds later, it says an error occoured in the upload, please try again later.

    I have tried for 3 days to upload pictures, but no matter what image or what the size of the picture is, i can simply not upload anything to wordpress.

    What do i do? Please help

  2. Please try logging out of, clearing your browser cache, and logging back in.

    If that doesn't help, please let me know if you have the same difficulty using a different browser such as Firefox. You can also review our other browser troubleshooting tips here:

    If nothing seems to work, please let me know what you've tried, and I will look into it further for you.

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