Image upload not working

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    Hello WP.

    I’m having problems uploading pictures for my wordpress webshop.

    I’m trying to upload a relatively small image, and the upload bar progresses a bit forward and then suddenly jumps back to start. And 30 seconds later, it says an error occoured in the upload, please try again later.

    I have tried for 3 days to upload pictures, but no matter what image or what the size of the picture is, i can simply not upload anything to wordpress.

    What do i do? Please help



    Please try logging out of, clearing your browser cache, and logging back in.

    If that doesn’t help, please let me know if you have the same difficulty using a different browser such as Firefox. You can also review our other browser troubleshooting tips here:

    If nothing seems to work, please let me know what you’ve tried, and I will look into it further for you.

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