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image upload problem

  1. Thank you! the "apple+r" fixed it!! Very grateful.

  2. Help !

    All my uploads have dissapeared from the manage uploads page.

  3. @topnax
    Although there is a rumor that Mark our KeyMaster has a magic ring, we volunteers are not equipped with x-ray vision, mind reading capabilities or crystal ball reading skills. Consequently, we do not know the url for your blog.

    Please force a page reload.
    ctrl+f5 (Windows)
    apple+r (Mac)
    f5 (Linux)
    Please do this and report the results.

  4. jeremiahandrews

    I have just logged into my blog and my photos are MIA... When I click the "manage uploads" the response is "there are no images to display!!" I did a CNTRL f-5 and that didn't work. I know support is closed today. So I can't even send a ticket into support. 9:31 est, Montreal.

    Jeremy A

  5. Wow! "there are no images to display" means that you need staff help for sure. You could email support at this domain dot com.

  6. Fixed!

  7. YAY!

  8. I'm having the same problem with my photo. When I go to manage\uploads\browse I get the message "There are no attachments to show." I did the ctrl-f5 thing, but that didn't work.


  9. Please send a feedback into staff because it sounds like your blog needs a technical "fix". And volunteers do not have backend access to blogs, only staff do.

  10. Hmm, they were there earlier today.

    I'll send in a feedback myself.

    edit: Feedback sent. It's strange as it's showing up as multiple pages.

  11. sofiawinterborn

    My avatar just shut down, and it seems to be impossible to get i back, Anyone who know way


  12. sofiawinterborn

    My avatar is showing on other blogers blogs but not on my own. I get the mess and "tips" from WP to upload an avatar hahahaha, fun.

  13. Mine vanished for a minute, but it's back now. I would expect they're doing something to the image server that hosts them, so wait it out for a bit.

  14. sofiawinterborn

    hi I have loades up my avatar 20 times today, but it still doesent work Heeeeelp

  15. sofiawinterborn

    hahahaha now all avatars are gone, hahaha, I have to smile. It`s not easy
    looks funny though


  16. sofiawinterborn

    hello I need some help. I have a woman who follow me where I go and comment om WP. She sends me mejl all the time with terrible mess. What shall I do to get her out of my life (on the blog) Do I really have to close my blog because of her?

    Anyone, tell me what to do please. greetings sofia

  17. Put her details in the bottom box on Options > Discussion

    On that page, enable comment moderation so the comments are not shown unless you say

    And ignore her, do not respond no matter what.

  18. sofiawinterborn

    someone told me that we could annons special blogs here in some way. How do I do that? Or have I missunderstood something now?
    I really think the world is getting more and more creepy i som matter

    greetings sofia

  19. sofiawinterborn

    to answer you to your respons Mark-support. I have done what you sad. And it seems to work. Thank you, you are an darling angel, quick respons and alway very understanding. and helpfull. thank you from sofia

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