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Image Uploading

  1. Excuse me for asking what may prove to be an odd question but does "optimization" also aply to animated gifs and other clip art?

  2. Clip art is usually quite small isn't it? (I never use it so I don't know).
    Animated gifs? No - you'll break them.

  3. Yes, most clipart is quite small (at least the stuff I use is). I noted an interesting phenonmena too. Small animated gifs remain animated if placed in a text widegt and positioned in the sidebar. But put the same gif on a page and it becomes static. Do you know why?
    I'll put up one in my sidebar in a couple of minutes so you can see what I mean at

  4. Rats! Wouldn't you know it I tried to put up a small animated gif that worked in my sidebar yesterday like a charm but was static when placed on the page. Today it's static whether it's in the sidebar or on a page or in a post when viewed from the "front". Argghh.. view it from the "back" management side of the site and it's animated. The fan opens and closes in front of the woman's face just like it did yesterday.
    This is not resolved but I'm marking it as though it was. I give up.

  5. This thread should be "glued" to the beginning new one entitled "image upload problem" (falling fruit). There is a problem that recurs from time to time and then disappears.

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