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Image Uploading Problem-URGENT!

  1. Hi
    I have a problem with uploading pictures. I KNOW how to upload pictures, but I've clicked on like every single one of those bullets and it keeps appearing blurry on my blog page! And when I click on it, it's STILL blurry! PLEASE help immediately!
    Thank you

  2. Please don't ask for help "immediately"; it's rude. That said, can you give us a link to a post with one of these blurry pictures, please? A quick look at your main page reveals no pictures at all. Thanks.

  3. Well, how do you make pictures appear on your blog page not being hazy or blurry?

  4. Yet another impression of a spoiled little kid stomping their foot demanding action, anyone else sense a pattern here? Maybe ignoring the pleas for help until they start to act like a grown up will teach better than responding to them.

    If your images are're images are blurry, thats where you need to look to find the solution. Could it be you're using a small (in dimensions) image that's having to be zoomed in to fill the space?

  5. @penguinmaster8000
    I do not see any images on the blog linked to your username.
    Please provide a link to the post or page where the "blurry image" is.
    Where did the image you uploaded come from?

  6. spoiled little kid

    Actually the poster has been warned before. A couple of times now I believe.

  7. {she bangs her head on the keyboard}

    We cannot help you unless and until you give us complete information.
    We do not see any images on the blog linked to your username.
    Where are these "blurry" images?
    Where did the image(s) from?

  8. ok I'll post them on my site under the "New Pin category


  10. drgently you mean increasing the size of the white space BEFORE you paste the pictureshot?


    What is the picture's URL? You can find this info by going to Manage->Uploads and then clicking on the picture.

    Edit: And i still can't see it
    Edit #2: And no, that's not what dirk means

  12. There is no HTML in your post that links to this picture. Try putting it in the post again.

  13. What about the IMAGE tool instead of the uploading tool? and WHAT is HTML??????? WordPress is CONFUSING!

  14. You don't know what HTML is and you think WordPress is confusing?

    The deal is this: to show a picture, you have to upload it first. That just means putting it onto the web somewhere, like in a storage locker.
    Then, to get it to show up on your blog, you get the URL of that image and put that in the Image tool. I wrote some instructions here:

    You can just ignore the part about Photobucket, now that we can upload the pictures right to WordPress ourselves.

  15. One word springs to mind here....."pathetic".

  16. I did not see any images

  17. I'm not sure he actually does understand uploading, or he'd probably know what a URL is. We can't do anything until we know the URL of the image.

  18. he/she has uploaded the image. The link is here:

  19. You may want to crop that full screen capture to remove all the M$ stuff like IE. Look at the theme you're using to find out the header image dimensions for that theme. Your's is 800px wide right now, when you trim off the slider bar at the side and the slim border at the other side it may be around 770px (ish). If you need to enlarge it, it will get blurrier as it has to guess what to fill in the gaps with. The image itself is pretty low resolution so don't expect miracles with it.

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