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    I am having trouble uploading pictures, could anyone tell me how to upload them?
    I upload a picture but I dont know what else to do… I can’t find the upload button…
    besides you should keep the orignal upload one it was less confusing when I first used it, your old dashboard was less confusing and easier to use stuff, your new 1 is kinda cluttered, but it’s useful…. no offence, that was just my opion on the new dashboard



    I agree 100%. Under the Manage Media section there needs to be an “upload” button. I want to upload a missing icon that I will use in with a text widget, but I can’t find any upload button any more. Thanks!



    I also cannot find my upload button.



    The “Upload” Button and area has been replaced with tiny icons above the right top corner of your Write Post text area box. Click the image button to upload images and access the Media Library feature.



    I want to upload a word document. I used to have an upload button between the pages and links under manage. It has gone but I don’t know where.


    Click on the “Add an Image” button above the tool bars in the write page or write post page. When you do, under the “Choose files to upload” button, it says, “Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt.” You can upload those file typed using the “Add an Image” function.

    Confusing? Yes. They should have thought a little more about what they named things.

    I just uploaded a Word document using it and it worked fine.



    Thanks so much. I really appreciate your quick response and taking the time to explain it to me “thesacredpath”!


    You’re welcome, and happy blogging.



    sure there are teething problems, but the new interface is more powerful than the old. There are a bunch of new features – it is now much easier to browse through your images (called : media library) though still no way to batch send media library images to a blog.



    when I try and put an image in my sidebar, it goes in as the URL and not the pic



    I’ve tried several different pictures and nothing is working. I did it once when I first came but now everything is different and I got rid of the only one I had. I really want to try and figure this out and would appreciate help.



    Having the same problem. Not consistently though. Sometimes they upload just fine. Actually I’m finding that they upload to my Media Library, but refuse to be inserted into the post. Why does this happen only sometimes? I’m not doing anything different when it doesn’t work.
    Blink of an eye:
    Just started a second blog for photos only with the Monotone theme which is very cool. Got 3 photo posts done and then the “Insert” into post of my pictures quite working.
    Very frustrating. I’d rather be out taking photos!
    Playing with the Light



    My problem is that when I use the upload an image the window that pops up is half hidden by my taskbar at the bottom of the screen and no matter how I try to move it up to click in the insert to editor button I cannot move the darn pop up window to see the button – anyone else having this issue???



    hi samcy, i have the same issue as you >.<
    how to fix it?



    My pics upload for posts okay. I want to add them to my sidebar. No matter what I try, all I get in there is the http:// and the stuff that follows. That is what’s going into the sidebar, not the pictures. They are in the media library but there is no option of getting them out of there. I’m pulling my hair out here!!!!



    I just opened a blog a few weeks ago but I think I leave wordpress. I cannot upload any photos because in the upload dialog box the insert button keeps hidden under the bottom edge of the screen, I noticed several other members have the same trouble, I believe the site management knows about it but no information at all, neither fixing the problem.



    @samcy and illici, just a thought here for you. Have you tried making your text size smaller? The only reason I think to try this is some blogs here, I can’t read because everything overlaps. If I shrink the text size, I can see them. I’m such a newbie that I hesitate to say anything but it’s worth a try.


    Glad to see I’m not the only one having this problem. I’ve been uploading images to my blog for over a month now without a hitch. But suddenly, about a week ago, I can’t get the entire image upload window/box to show on my screen. The bottom half is hidden no matter what I do. I can get images into my media library. . . but then can’t get them on to the post that way, either. What changed all of a sudden?



    I have had no issues uploading images with the new layout until today, and now I am having the same issues as samcy, kofplayer and illuci. Only the top half of the image upload box is visible.

    However much I expand the browser window I cannot get to the bottom half of the image upload box, and cannot drag it further up the page, which means I cannot select the size of the image or the link, or add to posts. Please let us know when this bug will be fixed as it means all my posts are hampered now by inadequate or missing images.



    Same here. I can upload my pictures in the media library but I can’t insert them into my posts. The insert popup page get freezed and the only thing I can do is to close it. No way.

    I usually work under Firefox, but also tried with IE. Same problem, so I think it is not a problem of configuration of the browser.

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