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Image uploading Problems

  1. There are several threads running on this issue - the main advice I recieved was to switch to Firefox & make sure I had the latest version of Flash.

  2. Strangely no image upload problems in the current posts. It's still not working for me. Instead of a white box, the page goes darker and I just get the top bar of something. Seems amazing that the reliable image upload in the old version can turn into something that is a disaster and still a disaster weeks and weeks later. I really like that new developments and changes are being made for us, but for the image uploader, I think it's time to admit defeat and rollback to the old code.

  3. watercolorworld

    When click on the add image button, I get a black screen with an upload bar in the middle...that's it. I was able to upload images just fine until a couple of weeks ago. Any suggestions?

  4. For me the issue has nothing to do with the browser and nothing to do with my current version of Adobe Flash. I maintain two blogs, one works okay because I use the .htaccess hack to fix it, but since upgrading the other one to 2.5.1 this doesn't work. I think that until there is a more permanent, no-mess-fix for this, that switching to the old image uploader should be an option without having to install a new plug-in to do so.

  5. Is there anyone at all that HASN'T had a problem with uploading?
    I'm just upgrading to 2.5 (latest) and I can't upload anything. The uploader goes to "Crunching…" and then nothing happens. Doesn't matter if I upload a picture or text file. Doesn't matter the size of the picture.
    wp-content is chmoded 777. The owner user is the right one.
    No error appears. Nothing about 'HTTP failed' or some missing function :P
    What can be wrong?

  6. When I try to upload a pdf, I get "crunching," then "http error". And that's it. This is apparently a global bug. Using WP 2.51in Firefox. Nadita. Bad news.

  7. I am really tired of the image uploading problems. Yesterday I was able to upload an image directly into the write box, today I am back to the white screen and copying from photobucket. Surely this should be fixed by now? I never had any trouble with the old uploader but this one - flash or uploader - just defies description. It should work, dammit! All my blogs have images and until now I enjoyed using WordPress. I see that this topic `is still unresolved'. Why?

  8. Because the image uploading problem isn't fully fixed... and people are still having trouble.

  9. ivanatora & kschulzk,
    You are using the self-hosted version of WordPress, please visit for help.

    Are you simply trying to link to an image on photobucket or are you downloading the image to your computer and then trying to upload it to your blog? If you are simply trying to link to the image, please see

    Are you still having problems uploading? I'm actually not aware of any outstanding issues with the uploader.

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