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    i am following the same process i do every time, and for some reason the images i am uploading are coming in huge! i am resizing in photoshop to 400 px wide and this has always worked in the past. any reason why not now?



    Please don’t make us guess. Which picture are you discussing? The fewthat I checked on your site are 400pixels wide.


    dude, i pulled them off the blog. i dont want the pictures to big too big, they are cut off by the marhing, so it looks rediculous.


    that word is “margins”, sorry



    have you tried resizing the images within the WP editor? You can either click and drag the corners, click the little tree-in-a-box icon, or use the Code tab to edit the raw HTML. The latter is what i usually do when i’m having image issues.



    I was having that problem on Friday evening but just thought it was my computer acting wacky for some weird unknown reason. But it seems to be back to normal for me now.

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