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Image vanishing

  1. Several of my images accompanying posts have disappeared. They are still in my gallery, and when I edidit my blog post and reinsert them, they show up, but when I 'preview' the entry they are not there. However, the show up when I 'mouse over.'

    Very curious indeed.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. I checked your source code, and what I saw shows that at some point you probably re-uploaded the images, then deleted the wrong copy from your Media Library. When you re-upload the same image for the second time, it gets a "1" at the end of its name, to distinguish it from the previous copy ("2" if you upload it for the third time, etc).

    In “Suwannee Spirits”, the URL of the image is given as
    In "Some more film/digital thoughts", as

    Both should be minus the last digit (1 & 2, respectively). You can easily correct that in your html post editor. I guess it'll be something similar in your other posts, too, but I didn't go any further than your first page of posts.

    (In general, it's best to avoid generic number names for your images or you may run into problems - e.g. an "image231" getting confused with a copy of "image23".)

  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer. So far, I have not been able to get it to work. I guess I could deleted the image from the gallery, upload and insert it again. I will try that in the morning.

    Again, many thanks!


  4. Always, ALWAYS change the name of the image when you re-upload it or it WILL be broken. WP tends to try to grab the original, deleted copy when the file has the same name. Rename the FILE prior to uploading and you should have no issues.

  5. And give the image file a descriptive name. It helps when you are trying to look at the html: if you name everything very similarly you have a hard time reading your code to know where you are. Also, when you hover over an image, it's nice to see a descriptive name rather than a number.

    I don't follow my own advice, but I'm getting confused enough to think I will start.

  6. Thanks so very much for the good advice, I will fix it today.

    Many thanks!


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