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  1. Hi, I'm trying to upload an image widget to my page. I've followed the instructions but I just get a little box with a cross in it and some text saying

    'Please configure the Image widget in your widget settings.'

    I don't know how to do this or where to look, can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you mean the bottom widget on your sidebar, it won't work because you've used this URL in it:
    That's not an image URL, it's the URL of an attachment page (with the image on it). Image URLs always end with the filename extension (.jpg or .png etc). The URL of that image is this:
    To get the right URL for an image you want to use in an image widget, you upload the image from your computer to your blog via Media > Add New (dashboard sidebar), and once it is uploaded you click Edit and copy the URL from the File URL field of the Save module. For an image you have already uploaded, you find the same thing by going to Media > Library and clicking Edit next to the image thumbnail.

    Note: For best results you shouldn't upload images that are wider than your sidebar. Use an image editing application or an online tool to downsize them to the right width then upload them. The width of the sidebar in the theme you're using is 251 pixels.

  3. Thanks for your suggestions & link. I've re-done it and it still doesn't seem to work?!

  4. That's because you used a non-existing URL. You used this:
    instead of the one I showed above.

  5. I tried the one you used above and that didn't work either. Hold on let me try again...

  6. I've just tried it again and still nothing

  7. Did you delete/reupload that image? Give us the exact URL of the image itself in the media library.

    Neither of those URLs go to existing images for me, they both go to 404s

  8. I think I reloaded it? In the media library section this is what I have:

    File URL:
    File name: msl-logo2.jpg

    Do you need anything else?

    Where in the world are you guys?

  9. Yes, we need something else: we need the URL of the image. None of those are the URL of the image. Until you know how to get the correct URL, you will not succeed in getting the image widget to work.

    Go to Media Library->Show image and scroll down till you see FILE URL and that is the URL you need. Copy that and put that into the image widget.

  10. Or you can do what I did, which is go to that attachment page URL you gave, what you called the Permalink (it is the permalink for the attachment page, not the permalink for the image). Then hover on the image itself, right click, Copy Image Location.

    That gives me

  11. footy the problem is that you are taking the permalink and adding on the image URL filed of the image widget, that field must be the image URL. What browser are you using?

    I will brief each field of the image widget:
    Title - No need to explain
    Image URL - This is where you put the image URL, like this: (this is the image url of the post you want to use)
    Alternative Text - This text shows when you let you mouse over the image for a couple of seconds
    Image Title - No need to explain
    Legend - This is what shows under the image
    URL Link - a link to where your browser will navigate when you click on the image.

    Try using the image url i sent you and it should work

    Best regards.

  12. Woo hooo!!!!!! You guys are amazing....thank you, thank you it worked!!!!!!

    Are either of you from the US or Greece or Canada?

  13. I am brazilian actually.

  14. Canada. Justpi is Greek, I believe.

  15. Cool, thanks for being up so early to help me!

  16. Still up from yesterday, and you're welcome.

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