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  1. kerriatlearning

    why won't copying the image URL as you suggest work when trying to add an image widget?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In every case of which I'm aware, it's because you haven't copied the URL properly. Which URL are you trying to use?

  3. kerriatlearning

    i have followed the instruction in the help section...clicked 'edit' on image in library and copied the URL from the right hand box

  4. kerriatlearning

    i also tried copying URL from the google searched image

  5. kerriatlearning

    just wondering if it has something to do with the 'visibility' function...i don't know what setting I should put this on

  6. Please answer raincoaster's question:

    Which URL are you trying to use?

  7. kerriatlearning

    the image-widget support page is where i got my information...i am clicking 'edit' under the image and copying 'file URL' from the box on the right into the widget window like it says??? Oh dear must be doing something wrong...

  8. Don't steal images from Google Image Search. They're copyrighted and someone could sue you.

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