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image widget crops the image and border area

  1. greetings,

    2011 theme

    i've used the image widget to place an image in the sidebar with a caption below it. a grey background/border is placed around it which is fine but the image is always off-center and the caption is too.

    i've re-cropped the image making it smaller and smaller but same problem. current size is 220px x 200px. i could find documentation on pixel width of sidebar for this theme??

    thanks for this and all the help you supporters give!!

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  2. The sidebar's width is 188 pixels.

    Given that the caption adds a border, try making the image 180 pixels wide.

  3. macmanx -- thankx!

    actually had to go down to 160px wide to work.

    now -- how do it get rid of the hypen the gets placed in front of the caption?


  4. That is actually added by the theme itself. Other themes handle this differently, but Twenty Eleven and a few others add the - for extra visual distinction.

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