image widget elongated on windows but looks good on mac

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    I have printscreens of a windows XP PC I’m using that has the image widget I put on the sidebar as very elongated (stretched) and yet on my Mac it looks fine. I’m seeing this same affect on Elegant Grunge and another Theme who’s name escapes me at the moment. I’m seeing it on two different blogs.

    Question: can this be corrected?

    this is on two different blogs and themes

    thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    I have this on print screens if there’s a way to upload it



    here’s the url I used for the image


    What browser are you using on the PC? Is it Explorer?



    yes it is. BTW Panos. Hope I got that right. I was speaking w/Tess and I do wish to appologize to everyone inclusing you for being a bit short tempered before. I’m not good at technical things but I’m going to try to make WP work for me



    I’m used to Explorer making images look a bit larger than my mac w/ snow leopard but usually they’re still in the right proportion width / height. In this case it’s stretched rather noticably to the point it’s not looking good at all


    Explorer continues to ignore various web standards. One of the many issues is image scaling down, especially if the images aren’t uploaded to your blog. You need to create a copy of your image, downsize it to the right pixel width* in an image editing application, upload that copy to your blog via Media > Add New, copy the file URL and use that URL in the widget.

    * See here:

    If you can’t downsize the image yourself I can easily do it for you.

    And you’d better download and start using a decent browser, namely Firefox or Safari.

    PS Appreciate the BTW, end of that story.



    I believe but I can’t be sure since I’m at work and can’t really look right now, that the image widget doesn’t allow you to upload directly from your computer so I uploaded it to and copied the url into the widget.

    It shows nicely on my mac. I use Firefox and Chome mostly at home and occasionally Safari.

    I’m concerned who it will then look on them if I change the demensions to look good on Explorer. I would have to wait until I get back into work again to see how it looked since I don’t have a windows maching at home.



    here’s the url of the pic and I’m using explorer just now to view it where i uploded it and it looks larger than at home but proportionately correct. It only looks stretched on the widget on the blog when using explorer to view it there.



    On imgur the image again looks larger than on my mac but it seems more proportionally acurate than in the widget itself. I am used to explorer making images appear larger but till now they’ve always been the same proportionally but just larger.



    I used the widget to resize it and it’s looking closer but will have to wait to see what it looks like now on other browsers. What are you using? can you tell me how it sizes up to you?


    a) You can’t upload an image via the Image widget, but you certainly can upload images to your blog. As I said, you do that in Media > Add New. There’s no point uploading images to file hosting sites when you have your own blog.

    b) What I suggested doesn’t mean the image will look good in IE and bad in the other browsers, it means it will look good in all browsers including the lousy one. Explanation:
    Your image is 353 pixels high and 500 pixels wide. But the sidebar in Elegant Grunge is 220 pixels wide, and in Selecta it’s 281, so the themes tell browsers to display a scaled down version of the image (scaled down means smaller but same proportions). Other browsers understand this, IE doesn’t. So the solution is to use images whose width doesn’t exceed the available width of the theme (that is, scale them down yourself before uploading them instead of letting the browser try to do that).

    Here’s your image scaled down to the right widths for the two themes you’re using:
    Copy them to your computer, upload each one to the right blog via Media > Add New, copy the file URL you’ll get, use that URL in the Image widget.


    I’m a Mac user, and I’m using both Firefox and Safari. If I had to use a PC, one of my first moves would be to download and start using those browsers instead of IE. (I’ve been a regular in this forum for almost four years: complaints that prove to be browser-related are almost always IE, sometimes Chrome, almost never Firefox or Safari.)



    don’t have the time tonight my friend to read and examine carefully your entire posts but will do possibly tomorrow. thanks for sending.

    I did figure out how to change the size and calculated the ratio height / width of the original and just scaled it down till it looked right at work on windows and fortunately when I got home it looked good on the mac too. I use Chrome and FF most of the time and occasionally Safari.

    see ya soon

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