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    I recently added an image in the image widget (“Is coaching right for me?”) in the right sidebar of my blog, In the “link url” field I specified a link to mailto:(email redacted). But when I click on the image in my blog, nothing happens. there is no link there. I tried to link to webpages, with the same result.

    Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? I looked around on support and couldn’t find anyone with my problem.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    I suggest you try again. I just inserted an image with the widget and with a mail to link in it in two of my test blogs and it worked just fine.


    Samantha; I just tried the image widget and linked it to my email without a problem. Check to make sure there are no extra spaces etc. in the mailto: link.

    On this note though: When I try to include an image widget on the right side, top it it goes on top of the RSS feed I have there. I removed the feed and threw in another widget and the same thing. Shouldn’t the second widget drop below the other?


    The widgets in some themes do not react well if a widget does not have a title. If either of the widgets do not have a title, try putting a single space in as a title for the widget and see if that doesn’t clear it up.


    Thanks to both of you for your help with this!

    I have new developments to report. I added a title to my image, and now if you position your cursor between the image title and the image, you can click the mailto. But if you put the cursor in the center of the image, you can’t click it. Check it out:

    Is this a template thing?



    Samantha: On the WordPress Support page
    it states “Note that the URL should end with an extension specific to an image file (such as .jpg, .gif, or .png, etc.).”
    Therefore you can’t use the image widget on If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog I think they have a different plug-in that might help you.



    No, that is just for the IMAGE URL, not the URL to which the image will be linked.

    I am increasingly thinking this is a theme-based thing. Some themes never seem to support mailto links, if I recall correctly.


    @frameshiftcoach, I just set one of my test blogs to the theme you are using and put in an image and linked it to a “mailto:” . You can see it here: .

    PS. the email address is totally and completely fake – made up out of thin air.


    @thesacredpath, maybe I am totally blind, but I don’t see any images in the right sidebar of flippintestblog. Where is the image?

    Thank you so much for your help with this! I recently switched from blogger to wordpress, and people like you are the reason.


    I think this is a template problem. When I put my image at the very bottom of the sidebar, the link works great! Then when I move the image any further up, the link doesn’t work. This smells of template issue to me…


    FYI, note from WordPress technical support:

    “Hi, Thanks for the note. This is actually part of a bug in the image widget. I’ve let our developers know about the problem, and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s fixed.”


    @frameshiftcoaching, the image widget should be fixed in the K2-Lite theme now.

    We still may need to apply a fix for the widget itself if other themes are affected. If you’re having trouble with image widget links not working, please let us know at

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