Image Widget Missing and Widgets Reset

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    Hi there, I want to make use of the Image Widget seen here:

    The problem is i don’t see it when I go to Appearance>Widgets. I have a bunch of others like Text, Calendar, Pages, RSS etc etc.

    Why isn’t the images widget there? Where can i find it? I want a widget not a plugin. This would be the perfect widget for my needs.

    Another thing. I have sidebars and when i add text to them via Appearance>Widgets, its fine. But when i refresh that page, it resets the text for the sidebar to nothing. Any ideas why?

    Thanks alot for any help



    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

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    If you don’t understand the difference between and, you may find this information helpful.

    If you forgot to include a link to your blog, you can reply and include it below. It’ll help people to answer your question.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    It’s on my local machine.

    Oh i see. The blog i have at has a image widget.

    Why is that?

    Why dont i have one on my local machine?



    Your local machine is supported at WordPress.ORG. (the software you are using)

    The Themes on WordPress.COM are highly modified with many Widgets added to take the place of Plug-in’s that are not allowed on WordPress.COM – the Widgets add a lot of functions that most Themes in the wild do not have.

    For more on the difference:



    Thanks a lot auxclass.

    Now I understand. So I have to make my own widget or use a plugin. Not what i was hoping for.

    Thanks again though.



    You be welcome and good luck



    Please note that the correct support forum for those running wordpress locally is here. > http://wordpress.ORG/support/

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