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    Hello, im trying to customize my blog with css() so i changed to Twenty Ten template and when i did that the image widget stoped showing correctly. I looked in to the code using firebug plugin for firefox and saw this:
    <div class=”wp-caption alignnone” style=”width: 210px”>

    It says width is 210px but my image and text are 230px so how do i get back these 20px the are not showing in my blog?

    My blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    The sidebar in 2010 is only 220px wide and there is 20px of right padding on the inner main element.

    You can widen the theme and then widen and redo the header and the cascade of things that will have to be adjusted, or you can narrow the main content area by 30px and then widen the sidebar by that amount to get back that 30px.

    Each theme is different. Sidebars can vary in width from as little as 150px to as much as 330px, or more. Any time you change themes, there is going to be cleanup that will be required or if you have the CSS upgrade you have to try to adjust the theme to fit your existing content.

    So, which do you want to do?


    Try editing your image widget and set the width to 180 and the height to 206.

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