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    I’m trying to get an image widget (right hand sidebar, w/ colourful tree) to open in a new window when someone clicks on it – rather than taking you away from the page you’re on.

    I know it’s in the html and think I should be inserting — target=”_blank”> somewhere….but don’t know where, or how to do this.

    Thanks, in advance, for the technical help!

    The blog I need help with is



    You will have to use a text widget.
    In the html editor (as well as in text widgets), instead of this:
    <a href="URL HERE">TEXT HERE</a>
    you write this:
    <a href="URL HERE" target="_blank">TEXT HERE</a>



    Thanks….but I’m still confused.

    I’m looking at the support document you referenced, and it shows me how to get to the html editor — but it is only for website pages – not widgets.

    I added the text widget, but then couldn’t go any farther b/c I couldn’t find the html for widgets.



    There is not option provided in the image widget to do that >
    If you are not skilled at coding then you can create a draft post and create the link in it. Switch to the HTML editor, copy the code and paste it into a text widget. Then delete the draft post. Alternatively see here >



    Thanks and thanks for the code “cheat”.

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