Image widgets offcenter & text is cut off

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    This is an issue I’ve asked about before and I thought I fixed it, but it somehow seems to have resurfaced. Some of the images in my sidebar are off-center and cut off, no matter what alignment I choose. For example, the photo of the igloo penguin cake. There is a space to the left and the text is cut off. How can I resolve this issue so that it doesn’t happen again?
    See the problem here.

    The blog I need help with is


    Make the following changes in your CSS. The image widgets are coming in at 270px and your sidebar was only 260px wide.

    I adjusted the content area width and the post width to keep the stuff in the posts at the same width and then increased the width of the sidebar to 270px for the image widget.

    .hentry {
    padding: 0 25px;
    .content {
    width: 620px;
    #sidebar {
    width: 270px;

    Okay, thank you! Why are the widgets coming in at 270 if I set the image size to be 260?


    The theme PHP script files are setting the image widget at 270px which is giving 5px of whitespace on each side of an image. It appears to have to do with image caption stuff since they are also referencing some image caption classes.

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